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Kids love celebrating New Year’s Eve too, but bedtimes often mean they miss out on the fun! This New Year’s celebration won’t be held at midnight though, but in the afternoon! The kids get to celebrate and you and your adult guests will have time to get home for the babysitter, so you can go out on the town and celebrate New Year’s Eve too!

I would call the party for about 5:00, so the kids have time to play before dinner. Dinner could be at 5:45 and then a New Year’s countdown around 6:15. Then everyone would hit the road around 6:30. I’ve found that an hour and half works well for parties with younger kids. You can have a longer or later party depending on the ages of the kids at your party!

You should include on your invitation if parents are also invited to the party. If you’re hosting younger kids, then this is probably a great idea. Do you really want to watch a house full of little ones by yourself? Probably not and parents love to see their cute kiddos enjoying a party! It’s a great photo op.

Get The Kids Involved: If your child is “hosting” the party, then ask them to help with the invitations. Print up invitations on white cardstock and ask your kids to help add sparkles. Or, let them color on the invitation. They will love helping!

As the kids arrive, be sure to pass out an assortment of fun New Year’s theme wearables and favors.

  • Happy New Year tiaras for the girls
  • New Year top hats for the boys.
  • New Year’s Party Kits are great and include noisemaker, hats and tiaras.

As for decorations, think fun and bright when filling your room.  Here are some great options:

  • A funny New Year bathroom door cover will get laughs.
  • A gold New Years fringe banner brightens up the room.
  • Happy New Year’s swirls are fun hanging from the ceiling.
  • Add a Times Square scene setter to a wall for a great photo op!
  • I would have bright balloon bouquets around the room. You can buy these at a local party store (be sure to call ahead so your order is ready) or you can buy a helium tank and New Year balloons and make them yourself!
  • Get The Kids Involved: Decorations are another great place to get kids involved. Make a large welcome banner and have them help color in the letters. If they are older, they can paint the sign themselves!

Depending on the ages of the kids you are inviting, you might want to bring in small tables and chairs to make them more comfortable. Even the picnic table they use in the summer will work. Here are some fun items to use on your table:

Cover them with bright tablecloths to make them feel more special.

Centerpieces can be a New Year’s Centerpiece or a New Year’s top hat with balloons coming out of it.

Then sprinkle some confetti around the tables.

Bright New Year’s paper goods add color to the room and are easy to clean up! And, with kids, you won’t need to worry about anything breaking.

Your menu certainly doesn’t need to be fancy for a kid’s New Year’s party. We all know how picky they can be, so choose foods they will eat! I would, however, make whatever you serve seem extra special for the holiday!

Kids eat hot dogs, right? Why not have mini pigs in a blanket?

Serving grilled cheese or PB&J? Use cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches into fun, festive shapes.

Serve Mac & Cheese in a fancy silver bowl.

Have a New Year’s countdown about an hour into the party. A balloon drop will get everyone cheering. Pass out glasses of sparkling apple juice in plastic champagne glasses! Don’t forget to have confetti poppers ready for the kids and bubbles to blow -they will love these! Make sure they are all wearing their hats and tiaras you passed out at the beginning of the party. Get the cameras ready!

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