Planning a Family Reunion – Part 4

Once you’ve worked out most of the items above you should start planning how you will spread the word to your guests about the upcoming reunion you have been hard at work organizing. Be sure you share your enthusiasm and communicate how much fun and energy you’ve but in to ensuring the success of the reunion….all you need is their participation for everything to be perfect! Don’t worry! Anyone who has ever planned a party will appreciate how much time and effort it took to successfully bring the family together. Have fun selecting your invitations, there are a lot to choose from in all types of themes and colors. Be sure you keep your wording clean and simple, and ask for an rsvp in the form of a phone call or text message so that you can manage the amount of family that will be attending. Try to send your invitations out as early as possible, 3 or 4 weeks ahead of time, so that everyone will have plenty of notice, and no one will miss out. You should even consider sending a Save the Date early in your planning process that states details to follow, so that everyone has been forewarned. This will help out those who need to plan vacations, etc.

On the day of the reunion be sure you allow time to enjoy yourself. All of your hours of planning, worrying and trying to make everything perfect will dissolve away as you reacquaint and catch up with all your loved ones. It will be very rewarding watching everyone interact and enjoying each other’s company! When the reunion is about to be over, be sure you ask everyone attending to mail you any ideas on what they may have liked or did not like, so that you will have a head start for the future reunions. Try to get all to exchange phone numbers, email addresses and birthdays as well! That is a wonderful incentive to stay in touch more frequently. Lastly, don’t forget to thank all of the volunteers who helped you plan and execute the reunion. If you send them home with something sweet, such as cookies and or cupcakes, it will go a long way towards letting them know how much their help was appreciated. Have fun, enjoy and laugh as loudly and often as you desire!

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