Planning a Family Reunion – Part 3

Okay, now you have a date, location and guest list; it is time to start planning a menu. You should start out with a budget in mind, or have a plan for raising some money to subsidize your party. It isn’t uncommon to ask everyone to bring a favorite dish, and you only will need to provide the main course and drinks. Whatever you decide, plan a menu that is easy to execute and will appeal to adults and children of all ages. Be sure you have help with the food preparation, serving and clean up. It will be important to have worked out the logistically how you will get everyone served, seated and grouped together. Once you have a tentative menu you can close in on your food costs, and formulate your shopping list. Again, ask for help, it will eliminate a lot of stress and worry.

Once the food has been decided you need to plan a variety of activities that will keep everyone entertained, laughing and open up discussions. It will also help bring the family members close together, especially if they are team oriented activities. When thinking of the activities, keep in mind that it is a family occasion, and the family needs to spend time together. Some suggestions for group interaction are horse shoes, corn hole, badminton and croquet. Those that aren’t playing can still enjoy watching everyone else. Your goal is to get all of your family members interacting again with one another, and games and activities are a great way to achieve that goal.

Themes for reunions are not really necessary but they can motivate those attending and add some spice and entertainment to your event. Your theme could center around an activity, a food group, a treasure hunt or something hidden on your invitations! Another plus to having a theme is that it can make decorating easier, and things a lot more amusing. Just use your imagination, and have fun with things!

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