Planning a Family Reunion – Part 2

Back to your planning, be sure you pick a date and time that will allow others to travel easily and enjoy one another. Selecting what time of year is best, and how long your reunion should last are critical but, depending on what part of the country your reside in the summer months are usually the best choice. Kids are out of school, the weather is usually nice, and travel won’t be scattered with ice and snow! So go ahead, pick the best weekend or holiday you can find, select your location and let the rest of your clan know. Remember, you can’t please everyone so expect a little rumbling from those that can’t fit your timeframe in to their schedule. Perhaps in the years to follow you will have initiated a family tradition and everyone will set this time aside to reunite with loved ones. Be sure when you send out your invitations that you, and your committee, allow enough time for everyone to respond and plan accordingly. Keep in mind that not everyone you invite is going to come, but invite them all so not one person is forgotten or left out.

You can’t have a family reunion without family, and even if some of them have moved away, or are difficult to track down you can always ask other family members or friends if they know their numbers or addresses. If not use the phone book or internet to look for them! If you find them, think how delighted everyone will be if they can attend the reunion.

Once you have a firm date you need to choose where you are going to hold your family reunion. Finding the perfect place isn’t always easy, especially if your home is too small and you are located in a small rural community… a lot of events are held during the summer so finding something open on a weekend day could get frightening! With that in mind, plan well in advance and be sure your selection is available. Base your selection on the number of invitations and how many family members you expect to attend. If you don’t have any idea on turnout I would suggest you consider a back yard, park or beach. This adds your personal touch, and saves the cost of renting somewhere (which can be a sizeable chunk of your budget).

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