Planning a Family Reunion – Part 1

Are you a family oriented type of person? Do you want to reconnect with distant relatives that you’ve fallen out of touch with? If so, then you really should consider initiating a Family Reunion!!! As with everything, make your first step organization!  If you are planning a small reunion of 20 people or less, then you can probably pull the event off without a lot of outside assistance. However, if it is going to be larger than 20 you are certain to need help, and asking other relatives to assist will ease in your planning and preparation. So, begin by selecting others to form your family reunion group, this group can be very similar in duties and assignments to any other type of committee. Your main responsibility as the leader will be to make sure that everything remains smooth and orderly. A dysfunctional committee can ruin your reunion and create a lot of discord within the family. So avoid confrontation, and make sure that everyone is participating equally. Once the committee is selected and gathered their first exercise should be to create a master planning sheet that contains the guest list, location, menu, activities, necessary funds, and anything else that emerges during your discussions.

You need to think through, with your committee, exactly what type of family reunion you want to hold. It can be daunting to decide how big the reunion should be, and how much of an expense you are prepared to have. An active discussion with others can be very helpful as you try to make these difficult decisions. This goes hand in hand with the decision of what category of reunion you want to have. Do you want to invite your entire extended family, which can turn things into a huge event, or just members of your more immediate family? Once you start down this path you may decide to make it an annual gathering every year at the same place on the same weekend. That way everyone can mark their calendars well in advance, and have something to look forward to. Or you may opt to alternate years, venues or dates…truly anything goes. You might consider passing the party planning on year over year to other family or committee members as well. That way you won’t be responsible for every gathering.

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