Planning a Christmas Party – Part 2

Your table will probably be the center of attention so you should spend time creating a centerpiece. With all the decorations available you should be able to find something that is perfect for you…try a star, candle, an angel, or even a Santa Claus. I wouldn’t suggest getting anything too big, you’ll more likely than not need the room. When hosting a special party around Christmas it is often the goal to create a "magical" atmosphere that your guests will appreciate and feel comfortable in. You can create this type of atmosphere by utilizing many types of simple decorations. When deciding the color palette for your party you’ll need to make the decision whether to go to go with the traditional green and red, or coordinate with your home decor. What type of an impression would you like to make, Warm?, Contemporary? Elegant? Make the choice based on what you prefer, whether it be gold and silver, silver and white or even multi colors. Once you have a color scheme you can tie in your decorating with strings of colored or white lights, carefully placed stockings, or gifts wrapped in wrapped gifts in empty boxes, in your color scheme. One example of atmosphere guided by lighting would be that the usage of a cool light blue will create a frosty, cool look…kind of likeness of how things look after a heavy snow fall.

Knowing that this is a Christmas party, you will want to send out your invitations early, approximately a month before the party. Since it is a busy season, and there are lots of parties being scheduled you want to be sure that yours is added to the calendars of all your guests early. These are your friends and loved ones, so the more that can attend the better! There are a lot of invitations in all colors and styles to choose from, be sure you select one with your party and personality in mind. You should be sure your invitation contains the date, time, directions, RSVP and any party specifics you want to use to entice your guests to attend. I would be certain to have a starting and ending time, so when you’re ready to stop partying and clean up, you can do so!

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