Planning a 2 Year Old’s Birthday Party – Part 1

Throwing a birthday party for your 2 year old, and friends, can be a lot of fun. The easy part for you as the party giver is that the toddlers will not have any preconceived expectations about what the party should, or shouldn’t, be. They really won’t care if everything isn’t done to perfection. In all actuality, the party will probably be a success if there are helium balloons! Please keep in mind that even though toddlers have a reputation of being difficult, annoying, rotten, or whiny, not all two year olds are horrible, in fact they can be a lot of fun… The tantrums that they often seem to throw are all directed at their parents, and usually only a means of getting their way. It may be difficult understanding your child, or any child, at this age when one minute they may be very shy and clingy, and 2 minutes later they may be demanding their independence. Although, at this age, they may be happy playing with another child, or at least playing alongside another child, it is still extremely difficult to expect any 2 year old to actually be fully sociable. This is mostly because a 2 year old is unable to understand or put themselves in their playmate’s situation. Our little 2 year old angels don’t bite or take toys from other children to be difficult; they just do not realize that this is a disturbing action to others. This can be more than a little upsetting and frustrating to parents but this is actually just typical 2 year old behavior. So with all of this in mind, it is a good idea to have plenty of supervision, and not too many young attendees at the party.

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