Spring has Sprung! Let’s get to Work

There’s nothing quite like opening the dusty blinds and cracking open a window on that first 60 degree day of spring. Sunshine beams into your home, fresh air swooshes in, and instant happiness fills you. Even the animals are happily … Continue reading

If Your Favorite Color is Green, Read This

We all have our favorite things. Whether it is food, sports, or author. But, one of the first things you ever truly have a favorite of is a color. I can remember hot pink being the new big deal for … Continue reading

Creativity for the Little Ones

Spring has sprung and with that, we have several new items to unveil to you. By clicking on the new arrivals link on the website you can take a peek at them. Personally I am excited by all of the … Continue reading

Monograms 101

If you’re anything like me when it comes to gift giving, you’re competitive. You like to give the best gift, something personal, something thoughtful, and watch the recipient nearly cry from happiness. Everyone enjoys a gift that truly speaks to … Continue reading

How to Start a Business – Part II

This is Part II to How to Start a Business – Part I Plan your operations. Who will lead, and who will follow? Define your organization, from the receptionist up to the CEO, and what part each plays in both … Continue reading

How to Start a Business – Part I

Have an idea? It might be a product you’ve always wanted to make, or a service you feel people need. It might even be something people don’t know they need yet, because it hasn’t been invented. Starting a business involves … Continue reading

Happy Easter!

Indiana weather takes us on an adventure this time of year. It’s a rollercoaster of anxious ups filled with sunshine and warmth and gut-wrenching downs filled with clouds and chilly winds. There are some days that take us from 0 … Continue reading

Floral Stationery

Currently, I am on vacation in Florida. I have never been here before and so far I enjoy it quite a bit. I have to say though my favorite thing thus far about being this far south in the middle … Continue reading

Some Advice for the Newlyweds

Too many people go into a marriage thinking that it’s going to be great fun and not much different than any old long-term relationship. Living together with another person, who is both a lover and friend, has its ups and … Continue reading

Celebrate Easter in Style

Even though many of us are still digging out of the snow, we know that soon it will be thawing. Before you know it, Easter will be here. The Easter season is a joyous season for many and is also … Continue reading