Office Gifts | Ideas for National Boss’s Day

Some we love, some we hate, and some we just love to hate. Who are we talking about?  Our boss of course! Boss’s day is October 16 and if you order now you should still have time to receive a personalized gift from American Stationery.
You know how your boss always says that he put a note on your desk, but somehow you can never seem to find it? Or what about when you come back to your desk to discover a note and the person didn’t sign it? In larger offices, it’s nearly impossible to know what everyone’s handwriting looks like. Consider ordering them a large pad of personalized memos. Yes, the gift is for your boss but, it’s kind of for you too.
At American Stationery we offer so many different types of memos. From large to small, colorful to plain and more! A tried and true favorite is the contemporary memo pad. This pad has it all! It features your name at the top in a clear font, has a simple lined border to give it just a touch of personality and comes in a perfect 5″x 8″ size. You will receive two pads of 100 sheets each on white paper with your choice of one of several different ink colors.  For $18.95 it’s a great value and not a bad idea to go ahead and buy one for yourself as well.
A new favorite is, new this fall, and called the Ocean Breeze Memo set. With three different pads this memo set is ideal for the big note giver at your company. Each pad contains 75 sheets a piece. Every set has one each of teal, lime and blue. Ideal for the vibrant boss, the whimsical font printed in stark white showcases the name beautifully. So you will definitely not be confused by who it’s from. This set is digitally printed and is $21.95 for all three pads. The item number for the Ocean Breeze Memo set is 2799. We also feature the same style of memo set for the same price in shades of pink, red and orange. Look for the Sun Ray Memo set item #2798. Please be mindful of the type of pen and color of ink that you intend to use with these pads as the paper is vibrantly colored. Dull pens need not apply!
If you prefer giving and receiving much shorter notes, take a look at our item number 3040B. This personalized memo set comes in sheets 3″x3″ and with a black holder. You will receive 600 memos in total and can choose from simple white or yellow paper. The ink color options are black, blue, or red. The price is $28.95 for the entire set with holder. And when you run out, you can order more for just $14.95 item number 3040R.
Have a boss who just won’t stop talking about her tennis game? Show her you listen with a memo set featuring colorful rackets. The “what a racket” memo set features a colorful design of tennis rackets at the top with vibrant bouncing tennis balls to the sides. The bright white center is reserved for messages with the memo owners name printed at the top. Each set contains 200 sheets and comes in an acrylic holder. The sheets are digitally printed and the entire set is just $12.95. The sheets are a non-typical yet desirable 4.25″ x 6.25″ size and the name is printed in your choice of black or brown ink.
So this boss’s day think of treating them to something that not only they will appreciate, but you will too!

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