New Weekly Column – Mindy’s Minutes

Hi! My name is Mindy Mac and I’ve been a satisfied customer of American Stationery for 15 years or so. A few weeks ago I drove to Peru, Indiana to visit the American Stationery factory. Now I’m a very impressed customer! To be honest, I never really gave much thought to how my personalized writing papers and cards were made. I called or sent in an order and waited for my indigo box to arrive. After meeting the men and women who work at American Stationery and watching the process for myself, I was delighted to know that they put as much time and care into what they do as I put into each letter I write. I had a wonderful day touring their facility! And I look forward to being an impressed and satisfied customer for many more years to come! Check back every Friday for my suggestions and thoughts on different aspects of American Stationery and their products.

– Your fellow American Stationery customer, Mindy Mac

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