Mom’s Reminder Binder – Gift for Mom

At American Stationery, we appreciate all that goes into being a parent. We know it is a thankless job at times, with long hours, hectic scheduling, and little vacation time. That is why we like to offer products that aid in making it a little easier, or at the least, less chaotic. A new product that does just that is the Mom’s Reminder Binder.

With school started, the crazy schedule is about to get even crazier! Moms, we are proud to offer a fantastic day planner to help you keep track of all the things on your plate. This 17 month planner is spiral bound and sturdy, so you will not have to worry about tossing it in your purse or the car and having things fall out. It comes complete with stickers for marking really important dates or appointments, too. The layout is both monthly and weekly, so you can glance ahead at things in the far and near future. This is a great item for keeping everything in one place: kids’ schedules, grocery lists, appointments, vacations, and even important birthdays and anniversaries. We can’t promise it will eliminate frantic, days full of activity, but it will assist you in your organization and allow you to be prepared for the busyness that lies ahead!

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