Making a Good Thing Even Better

Sticky notes are one of the most useful paper pieces of all time. Consistently one of the top five office products sold in the United States each year, they are a must have for the home, office, and everywhere in between. As nice as these are, did you know that American Stationery has improved these little miracle memos? They can be personalized just for you! They are available in traditional yellow or bright white, offered in two sizes, and tailored to include your choice of wording or name. A custom sticky note gift is a great choice for teachers, secretaries, or even a co-worker or boss. Moms love them, too! Best of all, with your name displayed at the top of each note, no one will be able to accidentally take them from your desk or workspace. Stand out from the plain sticky note masses; order your personalized self-stick memos, today!

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