Luggage Tags

My parents have been retired for almost 20 years and enjoy traveling together very much. They have 5 daughters, 19 grandkids and 4 great-grandchildren to visit in addition to taking trips to places they’ve always wanted to experience.  American Stationery carries Gold Stamped Luggage Tags, Big ‘n’ Bright Luggage Tags and Engraved Luggage Tags. These personalized and durable markets are perfect for them! They don’t have to worry about someone else picking up their luggage by mistake. Like everything that American Stationery sells these luggage tags are quality products—they can stand up to any rough trearment they may encounter. I can’t always travel with my parents; but I can help make their adventures less stressful by helping them locate their luggage as soon as it slides onto the baggage carousel!

—Mindy Mac

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