Gift Enclosure Cards

What is a gift enclosure card and why do you need them? These versatile cards are not very big… less than 3×4 inches; but they make a huge impact when they accompany your gift. I like to use these cards when I want to write a quick line for the recipient. “Thanks for your hospitality!” … “Thanks for watching our dog while we were away.” … “I enjoyed working on this project with you.” … “Congratulations!” … “Thanks for being such a reliable babysitter.” … “We’re glad you’re our next door neighbors.” Any heartfelt sentiment looks larger than life on these practical little cards. Gift enclosure cards can be tucked inside a gift bag, taped to a package or attached to a bottle of wine with a ribbon. Gift enclosure cards also add a touch of class to a bouquet of flowers you pick up at the local grocery store! A sticky label the size of your thumb is a good way to indicate who a gift is for and who it’s from. Using a personalized or monogrammed gift enclosure card makes a fabulous impression—and it won’t get tossed out with the wrapping paper it’s permanently stuck to. American Stationery also sells really fun gift bags! These are personalized and imprinted with the holiday greeting of your choice. They’re a wonderful way to share your personality and sense of style when exchanging gifts! If you’re like me you’ve spent a lot of time choosing just the right gift. Take the time to wrap it and present it with as much thought as you’ve put into your gift selection. Those little details really can make a big difference!


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