For the Love of Fall

Everyone knows that the autumnal color palette is full of warmth and comfort. Why not use that to your advantage by sending fall themed care packages? A far away family member who is not feeling well. A friend that is in need of a pick-me-up. A niece or nephew going off to college for the first time. A neighbor going through a tough time. Give them that feeling of warmth and comfort which fall inspires and show them you care by helping to raise their spirit or to regain their sense of self. Keeping your color palette in mind, do not limit yourself to the typical autumn hues of orange or brown. Stretch your possibilities by looking for items in deep pink, bright chartreuse, marine green, pacific blue or dusty plum. Choose colors that will evoke the feelings of fall. The contents of your care package can be as simple or as elaborate as you choose. Think of things that will make the recipient smile and feel good. Include personalized stationery as writing notes to friends and loved ones always makes people feel more relaxed and connected. Tuck in a comfy throw that they can snuggle up in. Add a favorite book or maybe something whimsical or uplifting for their reading enjoyment. Prepare and package a homemade dry soup mix with quick and easy cooking instructions or even a fresh baked loaf of pumpkin bread. Include a crisp apple scented candle or some earthy cinnamon potpourri. Purchase a mug with a photo of you and your friend or a family photo on it and add some gingersnap or apple cider flavored coffee or tea or maybe some pumpkin pie white hot chocolate. Make a small wreath wrapped in burlap and adorn it with acorns and colorful leaves from your yard for them to hang and admire. By thinking fall and using your imagination you can create warm and loving gifts that will always be remembered.

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