Embossed Correspondence Cards – Intro

Nothing is more elegant than embossed correspondence cards. These cards should be a part of everyone’s stationery wardrobe. These card generally measure 6 1/4″ x 4 1/2″ and are usually available in ivory or white heavy weight paper. They can be embossed with your name, monogram or motif at the top. For a masculine appearance a block font is usually selected and for a more feminine look a script font is typically used for your name. Block or script monograms are also usually offered as an option. Most printers have a large variety of motifs available. Depending on the printer they may offer anything from animals, beach themes, special occasions and even holiday designs. There are so many available that making a choice may not be an easy decision. However, the motifs available should cover any taste or style.

For the ultimate in elegance make sure you have your return address embossed onto the envelopes. This is an option usually available for an additional charge. But, it is certainly worth the extra money. The beautiful embossing on the envelopes only adds to the elegance of your stationery. Plus, it saves you from spending all the extra time it takes to hand write your return address on all of the quick notes you will want to write to your friends and loved ones once you receive this beautiful piece of stationery.

The embossed correspondence cards may come in a few different designs. The stationer may add an embossed border around the outside of the stationery. Perhaps a single line may be embossed under your personalization. A design may be embossed down one side of the card. However, designers continue to come up with new ideas and the number of designs available continues to expand. All the extras being added by designers are making a very elegant piece of stationery priceless.

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