E-Invitation or Mailed Invitation

You can text an invitation, email an invitation or leave a voice mail but there is nothing like getting a personalized invitation by mail.

The excitement you feel when you open your mailbox and see a hand addressed envelope with your name on it and it’s not a bill or credit card application. You carry the envelope into your home and carefully turn it over to see if there is a return address and name on it, then you carefully open the back flap to see what is inside or you can be like some and rip it open leaving pieces of envelope on the table. It can be an invitation to your grandchild’s first birthday, a Graduation Open House invitation, Housewarming Party, maybe a Surprise Party invitation. Some you will save the invitation and scrapbook it, put it on the fridge for a reminder and some of you will just put in a drawer for safe keeping to find at a later date and bring a smile.

Don’t get us wrong, we know the convenience of technology and are all for it. However, may we suggest sending out a personalized invitation and then later send an email invitation that is more of a reminder. Like we said there is nothing like opening the mailbox and seeing your name handwritten on the front of an envelope, knowing someone took the time and thought about you.

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