Disposable Placemats

Mealtime at most houses is nothing short of a challenge. We all have that picture in our heads of a child covered from head to toe in spaghetti sauce or hair matted together with yogurt and cheerios. Yes, each meal presents the potential for a real mess. However, we know offer a little gem in the partyware category – disposable placemats.

Disposable placemats are available in many different patterns. Even your favorite photo can be turned into a beautifully functional place setting. Most people like the idea of anything that helps limit a mess.

The placemats from American Stationery are offered in an eight count regular, stain and tear resistant, or twenty-five padded disposable mats. If you are blessed with a slightly cleaner eater for a child or find yourself looking for a great table setting for a nice dinner party or family Thanksgiving dinner, then the regular style might be for you. If you want something that is made for a no fuss cleanup for easy entertaining or just casual dining on a Tuesday evening with your family, then the disposable place mats are a great choice!

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