Design Your Own Tumblers

Picture this: a slight breeze blows while a handful of bright white clouds dot the perfectly blue sky. The sun is beating down on a crowd of people gathered in your back yard, perhaps on a patio or deck. The sound of conversation and laughter are in the background while the succulent aroma of steak and chicken on the grill fills the air. This beautiful summer barbecue is quite the party. There is lemonade, sodas, cocktails, and beers flowing at the gathering, but these beverages are not being served in the basic red or blue bland plastic cups from the grocery store. No. In the hands of your guests are disposable (and recyclable) personalized plastic tumblers. How unique! How special, just like your get together.

Glasses are a staple at any party. Whether you are celebrating a graduation, Father’s Day, a summer wedding, or just a barbecue or picnic, select the "Design Your Own Tumblers" to complete your serving needs. Is your company having a corporate picnic or perhaps a sales meeting or banquet for your top clients? Serve up your drinks in these cups. Choose from many ink colors and styles to fit your preference or theme. You can opt for a basic monogram, initials, or your name and design. These cups are durable and the perfect choice for serving your cooling concoctions. Tumblers are available in several sizes, from eight, ten, twelve, fourteen, or sixteen ounce sizes. Offered in both clear and frosted, these cups are personalized and shipped in a matter of days. Make your order now for your party this weekend!

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