Creating a Photographic Memory

In these days of economic awareness have you found yourself altering your activities? Perhaps this year you opted not to take the usual family vacation. Maybe you have even embraced a "stay-cation" in which you have explored the world not too far from your own back door. You may be lingering a bit closer to home, but there is still much to be enjoyed and memories to make. Are you finding simple joys in the common place? Did that burger at your Memorial Day picnic taste better than it ever has? Did the fireworks on the 4th of July seem brighter than usual? Are you looking forward to your Labor Day weekend camping trip with your family more than day dreaming about a trip to Paris?

You may be close to home, but there is a good chance you have still caught many of these memories in photo. Digital photography has really opened up a new world to the average at- home photographer. Perhaps you have captured the look of satisfaction on the face of your grilling guru. Perhaps you have captured the awe of a little one at their first fireworks display. Maybe you will even capture the element of surprise as dad falls into the lake trying to reel in ‘the big one." We encourage you to not let the everyday be less than extraordinary. If you are looking to celebrate your family, friends, and local adventures consider documenting and sharing your photos. Your personal experiences are worth a thousand words whether faraway or in your own backyard.

American Stationery offers a variety of ways to display your digital images that have certainly become priceless and a treasured commodity. Consider one of the following options for yourself or loved ones; explore our photo book options, create a photo calendar commemorating those special events, or even prepare for the holidays with your favorite photo greeting card.

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