Consider a Destination Wedding – Part 2

Destination weddings can pile on the expenses, so be sure you have a realistic budget planned, and in place, so you don’t overextend and find yourself with a negative cash flow…that could lead to a very short or non-existent honeymoon. With that in mind, be sure you a list of everything you want to include such as save the dates, invitations, wedding local (chapel, beach, etc.), reception location and menu, entertainment, flowers, photography, and decorations to name a few. Prioritize the importance of the above and spend your money accordingly. You may need to sacrifice some of your wants to pay for some of the things that fall in to your "must have" category. For example, you may offer appetizers at the reception versus a complete sit down dinner, or you may delete a few decorations and stick with beautiful flowers instead. Chances are you won’t even miss the few items that you nix from the original list!

It is really important for a destination wedding that you send out save the date cards to your guest list. There are all kinds of invitation styles to choose from ranging from traditional to photo to magnets! You should plan on sending out save the date invitations at a minimal of three to six months prior to your wedding date to insure that your family and guests can schedule your "big day" in to their calendars. It will also allow everyone enough time to shop for the best airfare and hotel packages. Also don’t forget to let your guests know about passports if you decide on a foreign destination. Once you have the save the dates under control, you can move on to the actual wedding invitation. There are a lot of invites that have a destination theme, and will put everyone in the mood for a trip and the added bonus of seeing you walk down the aisle. These should be carefully worded, and include direction cards/travel directions and lodging or airfare recommendations. To keep things simple, we recommend that you work with a qualified wedding consultant…such as those available when ordering your invitations via The American Wedding.

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