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Bridal Shower Invitations – Lingerie Wording

Lingerie Shower- women only, hosted by any bridesmaid, friend, or family member (but should be close enough that you feel comfortable giving her underwear); gifts are generally lingerie for the honeymoon, including panties, thongs, bras, and other unmentionables; casual in … Continue reading

Bridal Shower Invitations – Couple’s and Lingerie Shower Wording

Couple’s Shower- men and women, hosted by anyone in the wedding party, friends, or family; gifts generally given are for the couple’s home, monetary, or can be anything related to the couple’s personality or hobbies (such as camping equipment for … Continue reading

Bridal Shower Invitations – Traditional Shower Wording

The bridal shower is an important part of the festivities leading up to the wedding, and the invitation is the first step to making that shower a success. Begin by choosing a theme for your shower. Once you’ve picked a … Continue reading

Bridal Shower Invitations – Couples Shower

A couple’s wedding shower is a shower that involves both male and female guests and both the bride and groom. This type of shower is becoming increasingly popular! Because your guests will be both men and women, the theme and … Continue reading

Bridal Shower Invitations – Intro

One necessity of every shower is the invitation. It does more than give the guest information regarding the shower. It sets the tone and indicates the theme of your party. Your wording will run down the day’s events and give … Continue reading

Bridal Shower Invitations – History

Bridal showers have a rich history dating back to the sixteenth century when a dowry had to be provided for the future bride; in the cases where a father refused to provide the dowry because he did not approve of … Continue reading

Consider a Destination Wedding – Part 3

When selecting your location, be sure you shop around for hotels in the area willing to block of rooms for your guests. Some may even negotiate a discounted group rate. You should also investigate and share with your guests what … Continue reading

Consider a Destination Wedding – Part 2

Destination weddings can pile on the expenses, so be sure you have a realistic budget planned, and in place, so you don’t overextend and find yourself with a negative cash flow…that could lead to a very short or non-existent honeymoon. … Continue reading