A couple’s wedding shower is a shower that involves both male and female guests and both the bride and groom. This type of shower is becoming increasingly popular! Because your guests will be both men and women, the theme and activities will vary slightly from the traditional fare. Your party will need to be acceptable for everyone. If you are having trouble coming up with an idea, ask the bride and groom for their input. They might have a hobby or common interest that you can plan the shower around. One idea is a barbecue. Most people can appreciate a gathering of this type and it is easy to plan activities outdoors that will be enjoyable for both men and women. Another alternative is wine and appetizers. Because your guest list will naturally double with a couples shower, look for venues other than your home in which to have the shower. A local restaurant or park is a nice option. Try planning the shower time around a sporting event; the men can watch the game while the women play a more traditional shower game involving the bride. Then you can bring everyone back together with the gift opening portion of...Read More
One necessity of every shower is the invitation. It does more than give the guest information regarding the shower. It sets the tone and indicates the theme of your party. Your wording will run down the day’s events and give the pertinent details of date, time, location and RSVP information. The American Stationery Company has many bridal shower invitations to choose from. If you are looking for something that’s sassy and fun, look no further than invitations. For something traditional, the "Mint Julep" invitation is a great option. Set on a light pink and mint paisley print background accented by chocolate fleur de lis on the top and bottom, this pretty invitation is great for any shower. This tea-length invitation is both classy and elegant, yet would look great with either formal or informal invitation wording. The "Umbrella" and "Flower" bridal shower invitations are equally versatile. With a beautiful chocolate, bright blue, and lime fun floral pattern, both of these invitations are contemporary and modern. The "Flower" invitations have the design in a thick band on the left side of the invitation with accent stripe on the bottom. Your wording custom wording sits nicely on the right side of the...Read More
Bridal showers have a rich history dating back to the sixteenth century when a dowry had to be provided for the future bride; in the cases where a father refused to provide the dowry because he did not approve of the marriage, friends would gather to bring gifts to compensate for the lack of a dowry. The word shower can be traced back to a time when gifts were placed in a parasol, that when opened, "showered" the recipient with gifts. The traditional shower did not become commonplace until the 1 920s, when friends would spontaneously drop by the bride-to-be’s home to give her presents that would benefit her as a housewife. This informality has prevented the bridal shower from the prescribed etiquette that surrounds the wedding. Still, bridal shower invitations are indicative of the bride’s personality and set the tone for the event you are planning. Customarily, the maid or matron of honor hosts the bridal shower. However, it is not uncommon for a bride-to-be to have multiple showers hosted by different people. Because showers are gift giving parties, it was once taboo for the bride’s family to host, but this is no longer the case. Some conventional hosts...Read More
When selecting your location, be sure you shop around for hotels in the area willing to block of rooms for your guests. Some may even negotiate a discounted group rate. You should also investigate and share with your guests what airlines offer the best rate of travel. If you are holding your wedding or rehearsal in a remote area, I would recommend that you arrange for transport to and from your event. That makes it easier for guests trying to navigate in an unfamiliar area. You may also want to coordinate and offer airport shuttles for your guests…remember they are extending themselves to participate and anything you can offer to make them comfortable will be appreciated. When planning your reception dinner I would try to stick with the basics. Plan within your budget, keep decorations to a minimum and offer the best food and drinks available. You are going to be in a dream location so enjoy the local fare and splurge on music or entertainment. Everyone is going to be in "vacation mode" and the reception should be a fun and relaxing event for all. This is the time a wedding planner would be very helpful, and if not...Read More
Destination weddings can pile on the expenses, so be sure you have a realistic budget planned, and in place, so you don’t overextend and find yourself with a negative cash flow…that could lead to a very short or non-existent honeymoon. With that in mind, be sure you a list of everything you want to include such as save the dates, invitations, wedding local (chapel, beach, etc.), reception location and menu, entertainment, flowers, photography, and decorations to name a few. Prioritize the importance of the above and spend your money accordingly. You may need to sacrifice some of your wants to pay for some of the things that fall in to your "must have" category. For example, you may offer appetizers at the reception versus a complete sit down dinner, or you may delete a few decorations and stick with beautiful flowers instead. Chances are you won’t even miss the few items that you nix from the original list! It is really important for a destination wedding that you send out save the date cards to your guest list. There are all kinds of invitation styles to choose from ranging from traditional to photo to magnets! You should plan on sending...Read More
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