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The Impact of a Thank You Note

People like being appreciated, and if they feel you actually notice the nice things they do for you, they’re more likely to give an encore performance. Gratitude is a virtue every person should cultivate. Yet gratitude means nothing if you haven’t mastered … Continue reading

Simple Hints on Thank You Notes – Part 2

When writing your thank you note or card it is nice to include an individual reference to your gift and some kindness or memory it has evoked. This will go a long way towards letting them know how special they … Continue reading

Simple Hints on Thank You Notes – Part 1

Whether it is your wedding shower, wedding day, birthday or another special occasion you will probably become the proud recipient of gifts, gift cards, cards or money. Since someone has found you special enough to “gift” you, you should automatically … Continue reading

Everyday Etiquette – Thank You Note Timing

Question: What is the proper amount of time for thank you notes? Does the time depend on the gift/event? Ed The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Dear Ed, I have always said, “the sooner the better!” When thanking someone for a gift … Continue reading

Choosing Your Stationery Style – Fun and Whimsical

When choosing your personal stationery there are a multitude of choices. Consider what purpose the stationery will serve. Are you using it for thank you notes to friends and family, is it for business letters, or is it for both? … Continue reading

Thank You Notes: Common Courtesy in need of Restoration

Writing thank you notes should be common practice in an American home. The sense of gratitude and thankfulness for even a small gift that these timeless little cards represent is essential to the fabric of our society. As many reasons … Continue reading

You Are Never Too Young To Say Thank You!

Have you ever met a child (or an adult for that matter) who likes to write thank you notes? It is an unwritten rule, a valuable tradition, to acknowledge a gift promptly. A handwritten note is really a gesture of … Continue reading