People like being appreciated, and if they feel you actually notice the nice things they do for you, they’re more likely to give an encore performance. Gratitude is a virtue every person should cultivate. Yet gratitude means nothing if you haven’t mastered the art of expressing it. We should use every opportunity to express to those around us how much we appreciate their love, support, and generosity. One of the key ways of expressing gratitude is the thank you note. Unfortunately, many of us today completely overlook this aspect of etiquette and consequently, break the hearts of sweet little grandmas everywhere. A thank you letter, or note, is an expression of appreciation for a thoughtful act, expression, or gift. But the potential formality of this thought can be intimidating. Many people think that the wording of a thank you letter has to be perfect, and this causes so much anxiety that the notes are never sent. Before all the other rules, just remember that an imperfect letter that comes with heartfelt sentiment is better than a perfect note that was never written. Every gentlemen and lady should be knowledgeable of the when’s and how’s of writing thank you notes. Being a frequent...Read More
When writing your thank you note or card it is nice to include an individual reference to your gift and some kindness or memory it has evoked. This will go a long way towards letting them know how special they are not only in their gift giving, but in your life. You can also elaborate on how nice it was to spend time with them, or that you missed seeing them at your event. Just let your personality take over, and make your message sincere and from the heart. It is always nice to include that you will think of them every time you use their gift, or that you will include them when you use their gift. Whatever comes to mind to include them in your future plans, parties and life. So, be sure to keep your thank you notes, pens and stamps on hand. You should keep a close inventory, and consider giving them as gifts to others. They will be well received, because even in this busy time of email and text messaging a personal hand written note means more than ever! Be considerate and thoughtful; write your thank you notes! Read:  Part 1  |  Part 2...Read More
Whether it is your wedding shower, wedding day, birthday or another special occasion you will probably become the proud recipient of gifts, gift cards, cards or money. Since someone has found you special enough to “gift” you, you should automatically train yourself to try to automatically find a pen, an appropriate thank you note card and begin writing your appreciation to those who have blessed you with their gift giving. Not only is it caring and personal to write a thank you note, more importantly, it is very extremely inconsiderate not do so. Instead of calling all your gift givers and thanking them verbally, you should utilize the easier and thoughtful gesture of sending them their own thank you card..  If you have received a gift card, or gold old hard cold cash, be sure to let the gift giver know how you plan to spend it, whether is be on something for the house, the yard or a luxury you wouldn’t have been able to indulge in without their wonderful gift. It should make them happy to know that their gift was not only appreciated, but put to good use. When sending your thank you, although it is never...Read More
Question: What is the proper amount of time for thank you notes? Does the time depend on the gift/event? Ed The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Dear Ed, I have always said, “the sooner the better!” When thanking someone for a gift you received, a week is a good rule of thumb. However, always remember that a later thank you is better than no thank you. When writing thank you notes for wedding gifts, you would definitely have more time, though I don’t subscribe to the year time frame that some sources do. Get those notes out as soon as the gifts start rolling in! The same holds true for a thank you note for any special event. Promptness and heartfelt thanks are always appreciated and proper. I hope this helps you out. Ms. Carey
When choosing your personal stationery there are a multitude of choices. Consider what purpose the stationery will serve. Are you using it for thank you notes to friends and family, is it for business letters, or is it for both? Be sure to consider the many occasions for which you’ll be using the stationery. Once you’ve decided this then you can select a stationery set to meet your needs or start building a stationery collection. Here are some solutions for your stationery needs. Be ready to send any message in style by stocking up on trendy, distinctive stationery pieces. These stationery sets are a must have if you’re interested in original, artistic, happy, high quality stationery. Looking for stationery with a flourish of color? Then look no further than our Peacock Quill Notes. This fun stationery set comes with matching striped envelope lining. The Flirty Pink Polka Dot Stationery manages to be both trendy and ageless at the same time. Complete with sheets, cards, notes and labels, it is everything you need in one fabulous stationery set. Having trouble picking just one color? There’s no need to struggle with the decision. Take a look at our collection of colorful stationery. This...Read More
Writing thank you notes should be common practice in an American home. The sense of gratitude and thankfulness for even a small gift that these timeless little cards represent is essential to the fabric of our society. As many reasons as we could list for why you should start or continue the practice of writing thank you notes, by far the most important one, is to teach the next generation about gratitude. If children get a thank you note from a loved one, you may well start the tradition in their family to send them as well. If the adults in the lives of children allow email, text messaging, and instant messaging to replace the art of sitting down to compose the feelings of gratitude into a very personal, hand-written note, then they will not carry on this tradition, and the lack of thankfulness in our society will only worsen. Writing thank you notes is not difficult. After all, you are not writing a novel or poem. No sense of plot or prose is required. A small, folded thank you card provides plenty of space to write an adequate note of thanks. Generally, 3 or 4 sentences is enough to...Read More
Have you ever met a child (or an adult for that matter) who likes to write thank you notes? It is an unwritten rule, a valuable tradition, to acknowledge a gift promptly. A handwritten note is really a gesture of appreciation for the item and thoughtfulness behind it. Thank you notes make the giver feel good and reinforce the importance of gratitude in today’s society. Letter writing is not only a tradition, but a skill that will serve children well into their adult lives. You may be thinking that all of that makes sense, but how do you get your child or teen to actually write a note, without it turning a source of a battle. Here are some age appropriate tips to make the process go from a chore to a pleasant experience. First and foremost, as an adult, you must set the example. If your children see you writing thank you notes, they will come to realize that this is the right thing to do.   During the early years, of course, you will do the corresponding on the behalf of your infant and toddler.   3 to 5 year olds need to be involved in the process...Read More
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