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How to Write a Perfect Thank-You Note

When it comes to issuing a thank you, there is nothing quite like constructing the perfect thank-you note.  Sure, it is probably easier to just verbally thank someone in person or on the phone, but it doesn’t quite have the … Continue reading

Saying Thank You

Sometimes saying thank you isn’t about a gift that you have received. Sometimes we need to say thank you for other reasons. Maybe you stayed at a friend’s home while vacationing this summer? It’s important to express your gratitude for … Continue reading

Reasons for a Thank You

This time of year, many of us are still making last minute attempts to get those thank you notes sent out from all the holiday gifts we received. In my house this year, that is especially true. We had a … Continue reading

Thank You Note Cards

Typically, thank you cards are just that, a folded note card or other stationery item with “Thank You” printed on the front. Although, often you can simply write thank you cards from your existing stationery stash if the names are … Continue reading

When and How to Write Thank You Notes

Thank you notes seem to be becoming a thing of the past. We at American Stationery believe that it is not only proper etiquette, but appropriate to write thank you notes for certain things. Thank you notes can be formal … Continue reading

Tips for Writing Heart Felt Thank You Notes

Thank you notes seem to be something we use during every stage of our lives.  They start with bridal shower, then baby shower.  After that, there are birthdays, graduation, weddings or just everyday occurrences.  Writing a thank you note not only … Continue reading

Thank You Note Example

Here is an example of an entire thank you note for your reference: Dear Aunt Katrina, Thank you so much for letting me stay with you during my visit to New York.  Seeing the city was such a wonderful experience … Continue reading

Thank You Note Don’ts

We’ve given you a guide for writing the perfect thank you note, now here are a few tips on what not to do when writing a thank you note. Don’t send a thank you email.  This is really too impersonal.  … Continue reading

A General Guide for the Perfect Thank You

Everyone Enjoys getting gifts, right?  The person giving the gift needs to know how much you enjoyed it.  An easy way to let them know this is by writing a thank you note.  Here are a few general tips to … Continue reading

Tips for Writing a Professional Thank You Note

Here are a few tips to help you write the perfect professional thank you note. Write it ASAP It’s never too early to thank someone for his or her professional help, or for loyal and continued business.  If you are … Continue reading