Spur of the moment situations Invitations aren’t just for dinner parties and formal events. Impress your friends by sending invitations to everyday events. You never know, a hand written invitation might encourage them to come, which will encourage you to entertain more. Here are a few everyday spur of the moment events for which blank note cards would make the perfect invitations. Ladies day out Our Pastel Border Note Assortment is the perfect note card to use when organizing a Ladies’ Day. Father/son go if outing Your guys will be the talk of the green when you use our “Hole in One” Correspondence Cards to announce tee time. Dinner with extended family members Why not invite the family over for dinner, you have to cook any way right? They’ll be happy to come when they receive your invitation in the mail when it’s written on our Favorite Hand Bordered Notes. Children ‘s play dates Our Swizzle Notes are the perfect way to invite friends to a day at the park. Movie Night For an invitation to movie night any blank note card will do, but why not do it with style and use our Jet Black Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards....Read More
Everyone should have at least one set of blank note cards. A blank note card is perfect for a variety of uses. Having a set of blank notes in your stationery collection will keep you prepared for any occasion. Here are a few situations when a blank note card will be perfect. Last minute dinner invitations Just because the dinner party is last minute doesn’t mean you should call people to invite them. Phone calls not only take up a lot of time, but it also makes your friends feel obligated to make a decision right then. Sending invitations frees up some time for you and it gives your friends some time to decide. Don’t send emails either. Put your blank note cards to use and write a quick “invitation”. Here are some tips to help you turn your note cards into inviting invitations: Casual and simple “Stop by next Saturday for a cookout. Burgers, drinks, and games are on us. Plan on eating around 6:30 and feel free to stay as long as you’d like. Be sure to bring big appetites, music, and good sports!” A more formal event “Please join us for a Sunday morning brunch complete with...Read More
With so many designs and colors to choose from, choosing the appropriate fold note can be complicated; we are here to make it easier.  The fact that there are many designs to choose, means that you are sure to find the design that fits you best.  Your personal taste and style determines which design is best for you.  If you prefer a more elegant look, you may choose a design that incorporates an embossed name or monogram.  Generally you can get these elegant notes in white or ecru with some printers offering them in soft pink or blue as well.  For an even more elegant look, you may choose our Ultimate Embossed Double Border Notes. If you prefer something more conventional and a little less elegant, you may choose a printed fold note rather than an embossed fold note.  These notes may be plain or may include an embossed border such as our Embossed Triple Border Notes.  These notes may not have the elegant embossing, but generally the name is printed in a thermograved ink, making the note just as beautiful.  Generally you can choose your name or monogram and occasionally you can add your favorite design or motif as...Read More
Did you know that organized people save time? It’s because they’re not always searching for things. The National Association of Professional Organizers say, “Organized people save time and money and reduce stress and frustration levels. There is no one right or wrong way to get organized. Organizing systems help you deal with everything from your paper to your professional responsibilities and give you parameters on what to keep, what to toss and what to take action.” Now, you may be asking yourself what is an organization system? The answer to that is it’s totally up to you. Your personality, environment, and personal style will help you come up with an organization system that’s perfect for you. Basically, it doesn’t matter how you de-clutter your space as long as you do it. By getting organized you’ll save time, stress and probably even a little money. Evaluate your space: where’s the mess? Do you have a place by the door where you toss your mail, keys and whatever else you have in your hands when you walk in? Instead of having a heap of stuff on that table, why not have a bowl or basket for the miscellaneous items. Hang a hook...Read More
Moving can be an overwhelming and stressful time. Make it a little easier for yourself by getting ahead and ordering the following stationery for your big move: Moving announcements to let family and friends know that you’re moving… and where they can reach you from now on! Clever yet simple moving cards are an easy way to keep your loved ones in the loop! Shipping labels to ship everything from your old house to your new! Shop for custom shipping labels here. Luggage tags engraved with your new address. Try classic brass and leather tags with engraved name and address. Looking for something a little more colorful?  Bright, colorful luggage tags and gold stamped luggage tags in a variety of colors are fun options. New stationery printed with your new return address and a new “feel” for your new life. Shop personalized stationery here. New return address labels with your new address. Choose from a variety of colors and styles to express your new life in the your location. Shop all return address labels here. Thank you notes for all those who will help you with the move. If you’re lucky, you’ll get lots of help and you’ll want to...Read More
Adding a signature color to your stationery offers the perfect chance to make a unique and personal statement each time you write a note. It also gives your stationery an extra boost of style. Whether you have loved the same color since kindergarten, want to keep up with the latest color trend or want a variety of colors to choose from when writing a letter, the color you pick for your stationery should reflect your “true colors”. The colors you like actually say quite a bit about who you are as a person. The color you choose for your stationery will let people know that you are one of a kind, just like the color clothing or nail polish you wear or the color car you drive. If you don’t know which colors you like, then the color masterminds at Pantone can create custom colors based on your birthday. Looking at your surroundings, your wardrobe and your home furnishings can clue you in to just what colors you like. When picking your stationery you should consider the season. You don’t want to be sending out a Christmas theme in July, just like you wouldn’t want to send pastel colors in the...Read More
American Stationery offers a complete collection of stationery options to fit your individual needs, whether it is for business or personal use. We offer professional stationery customized with your name, initials or logo. Below are a few items to get your correspondence collection started: Embossed Border Stationery: These classic vellum sheets with their embossed border offer a classic option for your stationery needs. They are appropriate for both business and personal correspondence. Handcraft Vellum Business Stationery: This classic vellum paper is perfect for pen, computer or typewriter. It is available in monarch size for your business use and social size for personal use. Best Value! Our Standard Box: This stationery has been a customer favorite for over 85 years. This is an excellent value for its quality. It is a medium weight, social size stationery perfect for social or professional writing. Personalized Organizer and Memos: This versatile memo set works well for professional individuals of all ages. Not just for business, it’s a perfect gift for dads and grads, too. Top Quality Business Stationery: Just as the name suggests this stationery will fit all your business needs as well as your budget.
In today’s age of quick and simple online communications it would certainly seem that way at times. The thought of personalized stationery may seem slow or outdated. The number of people leaving personalized calling cards or brunch invitations being sent on monogrammed, embossed or printed paper seems to be dwindling. Today, websites allow you to coordinate party invitations and responses entirely online and job hunting sites have turned resumes into an online phenomenon. So where does personalized stationery fit in a world driven by the simplicity of online activity? It was not long ago that Emily Post was warning people that a telephone call would not replace the need for a formal thank you note, and still today it is common knowledge that a phone call does not express the same personal feeling that makes receiving stationery special. Today, thank you messages and common correspondences are being expressed via email. This is easy to understand considering the speed and ease in which these messages can be exchanged. However, Miss Manners and personnel recruiters reaffirm Emily Post’s thoughts that nothing makes a great impression like a well written, hand written letter on personalized stationery. There is no denying it; there is something about receiving a letter...Read More
Correspondence cards are one-sided stationery notes that can serve any purpose.  Use them for short notes, thank you notes, informal invitations and more.  Because correspondence cards are so functional, it makes sense to have plenty on hand.  The correspondence cards you select will depend on what they will be used for, your budget and your own personal style. Hand bordered correspondence cards in any hue are always appropriate.  They are a timeless option for both men and women.  American Stationery offers these classic cards in an array of stunning colors, such as: black, wine, sage, navy, espresso, aqua, hot pink, tangerine, lemon, hunter green, silver and many more. Looking for stationery with a more contemporary flair?  Here are a few of our favorites: The Avenue Cards set comes with a mint green and chocolate border and pink and chocolate border.  These embossed bevel edge cards feature a stylish border and paired with matching double lined envelopes. The Chocolate and Aqua Double Hand Bordered Correspondence Cards are smoothly coordinated cards and desk accessories that will enhance any office space.  The correspondence cards are hand bordered in Chocolate and Aqua.  An optional Palm Tree icon is available above your name. The Gala Border Cards are the...Read More
We’ve all come to appreciate the conveniences of modern technology.  In fact, could we live without it?  Emails from colleagues, text messages from friends, and e-party invitations have become commonplace in our everyday lives.  But these high-tech forms of communication simply don’t compare to receiving a hand-written note in the mail.  You know the feeling – after a long day you open your mailbox and there, amongst the bills and junk mail, is something unique and personal. Hand-written notes are far from norm in this modern age, and that’s exactly what makes them so special to send and to receive. Stationery has come a long way in the past 50 years. With endless shapes, styles, designs and customization options, your stationery will do more than contain your personal message. . . it will say something about you and your personal style. Custom stationery is a great format for communicating with friends and colleagues, but its advantages don’t stop there. Stationery and personalized paper products can make meaningful gifts for almost any occasion. They can also simplify and add a little joy to your everyday life. Custom stationery might also be the next sensible step in building your small business.  See...Read More
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