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Is Letter Writing a Lost Art?

In today’s age of quick and simple online communications it would certainly seem that way at times. The thought of personalized stationery may seem slow or outdated. The number of people leaving personalized calling cards or brunch invitations being sent on monogrammed, embossed … Continue reading

Correspondence Cards Suggestions

Correspondence cards are one-sided stationery notes that can serve any purpose.  Use them for short notes, thank you notes, informal invitations and more.  Because correspondence cards are so functional, it makes sense to have plenty on hand.  The correspondence cards … Continue reading

Writing – Everyday Use

We’ve all come to appreciate the conveniences of modern technology.  In fact, could we live without it?  Emails from colleagues, text messages from friends, and e-party invitations have become commonplace in our everyday lives.  But these high-tech forms of communication … Continue reading

Everyone’s Guide to Stationery

Are you one of the people who think stationery is out of style? You might want to think again. Because we live in such a technologically advanced world most people actually value a handwritten letter. If you’re thinking about purchasing … Continue reading

Family Stationery

Every family needs personalized stationery. Even if you don’t use it very often, it’s nice to have for a note or thank you from the whole family or something from an individual family member. No matter who in the family … Continue reading

Gift Enclosure Cards

What is a gift enclosure card and why do you need them? These versatile cards are not very big… less than 3×4 inches; but they make a huge impact when they accompany your gift. I like to use these cards … Continue reading

Hostess Gift Ideas

So, you’ve been invited to a party and you know, because you are such a classy and chic lady that bringing a gift to the hostess is the proper thing to do. But, what should you bring? A bottle of … Continue reading

Great Gift Ideas – For Women

We’ll begin with ideas for all the lucky FEMALES on your list. The first mention is a lovely array of Fashion Memos that arrive in their own acrylic holder, and are tied with a stylish bow. They can be coordinated … Continue reading

Great Gift Ideas – All Purpose Gifts

A few other all-purpose gift suggestions are coordinated Design Your Own cups and napkins. These will allow you to personalize the perfect hostess gift with a large variety of designer icons, cup size choices and ink colors. Personalized colorful party … Continue reading

Great Gift Ideas – For Executives

If you have male or female EXECUTIVES on your shopping list there are a number of items that are sure to meet with their approval. Executive Stationery is perfect for corporate correspondence, and is works with laser printers. There are … Continue reading