With the holidays behind us the “season” of gift giving has come and gone for a while but that is not to say that we are done purchasing gifts. As there are many reasons to purchase gifts throughout the year. Many of us work in office settings and as such have several colleagues many of whom we work closely with on a daily basis. Some we come to develop a bond with; even at times a friendship and so we naturally feel compelled to buy them something for their birthday. But, once word gets round that you bought them a gift others may feel left out. So, while we would never encourage you to purchase a gift for every staff member’s birthday we will provide some tips for gifts for those colleagues whom you work closely with but, you aren’t necessarily “best friends”. Remember when you worked so closely with Jennifer on the new account? Remember how she never had problem bringing both of you a latte but, always forgot her pen? So you loaned her yours daily for a week. When her birthday comes around why not purchase her one of our Sheaffer® pens? These beautiful ball point pens...Read More
Some we love, some we hate, and some we just love to hate. Who are we talking about?  Our boss of course! Boss’s day is October 16 and if you order now you should still have time to receive a personalized gift from American Stationery. You know how your boss always says that he put a note on your desk, but somehow you can never seem to find it? Or what about when you come back to your desk to discover a note and the person didn’t sign it? In larger offices, it’s nearly impossible to know what everyone’s handwriting looks like. Consider ordering them a large pad of personalized memos. Yes, the gift is for your boss but, it’s kind of for you too. At American Stationery we offer so many different types of memos. From large to small, colorful to plain and more! A tried and true favorite is the contemporary memo pad. This pad has it all! It features your name at the top in a clear font, has a simple lined border to give it just a touch of personality and comes in a perfect 5″x 8″ size. You will receive two pads of 100 sheets each on white paper with...Read More
American Stationery‘s fall items have just arrived! Boy, do we have some new and exciting items for you to see! Color seems to be the biggest trend for fall. From bright beautiful pinks and reds to deep blues and teals. Color is everywhere this season. The following describes just a few of these delightfully colorful items. Check out the all new and fabulous personalized self-stick memo cubes. With six different styles to choose from, you will certainly find one to fit your personality. Priced at $19.95 for one cube at 3 3/8″ inches tall and 675 sheets, you could purchase one for each mood and switch them out on your desk. Item 2807_6 has a multi-colored trendy chevron design along the sides. In the center of the design is a boldly colored circle with your monogram showcased in the center.  So go ahead jot down your every thought, that way you can show off this super-chic memos! For our hydrangea note lovers, look no further than 2807_3. This memo cube displays your favorite hydrangea bouquet printed on each side along with your name printed in a beautiful script on the side. Your friends and colleagues will be jealous of these...Read More
There is more than just paper being sold here at American Stationery. For years we have been offering quality personalized items and terrific prices. While, we do specialize in that perfect note card or letter head, we don’t stop there. Folks come to us year after year for many of their personalized product needs. From napkins and tumblers, to soaps and cutting boards. We strive to offer items that we know you will love to have your signature stamped on. This fall American Stationery is expanding on our selections of non-paper personalized gifts. These items all come in a wide variety of colors and designs. You should have no trouble finding your personal style. There are so many different items, that you will be able to mix and match from your kitchen, to your daughter’s school locker and more! We know you love to come to us for gift giving. With the ease of ordering and our quick turnaround, you can feel confident when shopping with American Stationery. There are so many new items, that we simply cannot list them all here. But we have compiled a condensed list below to elaborate on. The steel flask comes in a variety...Read More
American Stationery may be best known for their stylish and affordable stationery options however, there are quite a few other products that we sell. One of those products are luggage tags. Personalized luggage tags are a luxury that virtually anyone can afford.  They come in handy, as luggage tags are the number one thing that people realize they forgot when they arrive at the airport. They also make terrific gifts, especially for your favorite jet setting friend. Luggage tags are so important when traveling. Not only do they help you in identifying your luggage but, personalized ones aid in getting lost luggage back to you. Many articles suggest that you should use two luggage tags per piece of luggage. One on the outside of the bag and one placed inside the bag on top of your belongings. Whatever you choose, it’s always a good idea to be a bit overly prepared and have your luggage stand out than have them blend in with everyone else’s. Need help deciding what items you should use them on? That’s easy all of them! You will want to place tags on pretty much everything. Both checked and carry-on bags. As it is possible that...Read More
Personalized gifts are a great way to show a person how much you really care. A gift that is personalized shows that you put time and thought into picking a gift. Anybody can go to the local department store and buy a shirt or picture frame, but it takes effort and some amount of forethought to buy a customized gift. As personal as it can be, the act of giving a personalized gift can be a little tricky at times. You really have to know the person the gift is for. You have to know their likes and dislikes and even some of their hobbies. You need to know what the person is interested in. You don’t want to buy a gift for someone that they are not going to like. Just because you like it, does not mean that they will. For personalized gifts to be effective, you should use your own likes and dislikes only to help you decide between a few items. It is ultimately about the other person. When buying a gift for your mother who loves to cook, you might think about buying her a personalized cookbook that she can fill with her recipes or...Read More
Another gift option is a door hanger. Both economical and fun, our door hangers allow your boy or girl to stake claim to their territory in a special way. Constructed of heavy duty plastic, your personalization is accented by baseballs or coloring crayons, and is an easy way to let them decorate their room. Every playful youngster gets tuckered at some point. Let them rest their sleepy little heads on a personalized pillow case! Choose from customized screen printed names in pastel rainbow colors, handsome blues and greens, or choose from our character prints which accent the name with images of puppies, kittens, or sports balls. There are so many options and each is sure to please! These are great at home but also make a nice choice for traveling, heading off to camp, or just group sleepovers; since the personalization is built right in there is no need to label a pillow or worry about mistakenly switching it with someone else. Teens and tweens can be difficult to buy for. Consider our special door hanger or pillow case designs geared toward that slightly older kid that wants to decorate their space in a unique way. The “Uptown Girls” design...Read More
Seeing your name in print might be common place for adults, amongst all the mail, bills, and name placards on your desk or at the office. But to a child, personalized items are new, exciting, and make an everyday item an extra special thing. The American Stationery Company is proud to offer several personalized gift items for children! A child’s bedroom is their haven. It can be a castle or a fort one minute, and a peaceful place to lay a sleepy head the next. Let them proudly place their name in their room with a decorative sign, personalized pillow case, or door hanger. The Ballerina sign (no longer available) features two sets of pretty pink ballerina shoes, a light pink pin stripe back ground and your tot’s name as the center of attention for this design. It is the perfect choice for your tiny dancer. For your beautiful princess, select the Princess sign (no longer available) design. The customized name is set on a pretty pink crown, bookended by a stately horse drawn carriage. Whether she’s the belle of the ball or playfully dreams of being a little princess, this sign will let everyone know that this regal room...Read More
So, you’ve been invited to a party and you know, because you are such a classy and chic lady that bringing a gift to the hostess is the proper thing to do. But, what should you bring? A bottle of wine is always a great choice however; many others may bring a bottle as well. What about a nice house plant? Always a terrific choice as well again though it is often done. However, stationery is a timeless and unfortunately not often thought of gift for your party throwing pal. Many people love to take the time to send a note to a friend and when they already have stylish important stationery at their fingertips they are more likely to do so. Chances are your host will have a few people to thank for their efforts in the party throwing process. Maybe she will need to thank her always thinking sister who remembered to bring ice at the last minute for the cocktails. Also, her best friend deserves some praise for lending out her favorite candleholders. Or even the caterer who went above and beyond to exceed her expectations. No worries on whether or not your friend will need the...Read More
Bright warm days and cool crisp nights make people want to gather together for good food and friendship before the colder weather sets in. Invites for fall picnics, evening bonfires, tailgate parties and simple dinners with friends will be arriving soon. A party is the perfect excuse to get out the baking pans and warm up the oven! And since homemade goodies are always a welcome hostess gift why not bake a batch of apple spice muffins or pumpkin and cream cheese cupcakes for your next gathering? Maybe a deep dish apple pie? Whatever you decide to make be sure to jot down the recipe for your hostess so she can make your tasty treats to give to her next hostess! By using personalized recipe cards printed in fall colors or designs she will always remember whose kitchen it came from. Get creative and package your goodies in a brown paper bag and attach the recipe card using colorful ribbon to coordinate with the card. Or maybe arrange them on a cutting board personalized with her name using clear cellophane wrap and securing with a knot of natural raffia to attach the recipe card and tie it all together. For...Read More
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