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Party Attire Glossary

Dressy Casual… what does that mean??? Should you wear your little black dress or slacks and rhinestone encrusted flip flops?!? Ever received an invitation to a party with confusing suggestions on what to wear? Most etiquette books cover traditional dress … Continue reading

How to Have a Dinner Party – Part 2

A timetable will help you plan a dinner party to perfection. You can adapt it to your own schedule, recipes and parties by working backward from serving time. Choose your eating time, then subtract the time each recipe takes to … Continue reading

Everyday Etiquette – Birthday Invitation Wording

Question: On the bottom of my daughters birthday invitation I would like to give some ideas on things she likes since I am always asked what she is “into” at this time. Is that appropriate? Debra The Everyday Etiquette Answer: … Continue reading

Everyday Etiquette – Modern Hostess Gifts

Question: I have been invited to a costume party that is by invitation only. It is being hosted by a very affluent acquaintance. I am much honored to have been invited. Should I bring a gift, or thank you trinket? … Continue reading