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Live Edit – Font Stylizing and Font Justification

Live Edit Users Guide (continued) Font Stylizing — There are over 100 fonts within the Live Edit preview system to choose from. However, if none of them really seem to be the perfect font you had in mind you might … Continue reading

Live Edit – Editing Font Size

Live Edit Users Guide (continued) Editing font size — Edit font size in the Live Edit preview system is very similar to editing the font which we discussed in an earlier post. You can edit the font size of you … Continue reading

Live Edit – Font Selection

Live Edit Users Guide (continued) Font Selection — As mentioned previously, if you have any experience with word processing software font selection should be a routine task. If you are not experienced in word processing don’t worry; it is a … Continue reading

Live Edit – Photo Upload

Live Edit Users Guide (continued) In the previous post we covered the tools available through our Live Edit preview system. In this post we will explain each available tool in depth, as well as explain how to use each tool … Continue reading

Live Edit – Introduction

Our Live Edit personalization and preview engine allows you to make any of our designs your own. The Live Edit engine provides you with tools similar to those included in contemporary word processing programs, empowering you to create something truly … Continue reading

Live Edit – Outline

The following is a brief outline of the tools within our Live Edit preview system. You will see the tools available within this tool bar: This users guide will go into depth on each of these tools and explain how … Continue reading

Live Edit – Font Color and Line Spacing

Live Edit Users Guide (continued) Font Color — The ability to adjust the color of your personalization on a character by character, word by word basis is also available through the Live Edit preview system. This feature is sure to … Continue reading