Have you ever noticed how some people have a gift when it comes to letter writing? You know the type — they never miss a birthday or an important event and always seem to get the point across while making you feel special all at the same time. If you’re thinking that definitely isn’t you, don’t worry. It can be! Just use these simple tips and you’ll be able to write the perfect letter, no matter what the occasion. Send your letter in an appropriate time frame. Sending a belated birthday card or a late thank you note just don’t send the same message as sending one on time does. Sending a card on time or even early lets the recipient know that not only did you take time to get a card, but you thought enough of them that you sent it on the special day. If the card is late the person you’re sending it to may feel like they were just an after thought. Sending a card ahead of time or at the very least on time may take a little more planning on your part, but will make a difference to the recipient. Appropriately address the...Read More
Letter sheets, followed by correspondence sheets and monarch sheets are among the most formal stationery you can use. Sheets may be used blank, or personalized from American Stationery to display your initial or monogram, address, name and address, or a design that fits your style. Because of their simple elegance, personalized stationery helps you make even more of an impression among business clients and associates.  Personalized Stationery: Personalized note cards are the perfect choice when the occasion calls for a quick note, response, or thank you. Considered more formal than correspondence cards, messages sent on folded notes can start on the front of the note unless there is an image centered on the front panel. Or more commonly, your handwritten note begins on the inside lower panel, a reflection of how personal your note is, inside the fold. Sentiments may also continue on the back of the note.Correspondence: Correspondence cards are the perfect way to send professional-looking communications to your business partners and associates. These cards are one-panel (not fold over) and allow you to jot down a quick hand-written message — much like sending an email. However, unlike an email a correspondence card that is personalized with you name your choice in cards and style...Read More
Here are few tricks to help you write great letters of any kind. From personal to business they’ll be perfect every time. Put thought into the paper. Important business letters shouldn’t be written on just any note card. At the same time you probably shouldn’t write a letter of condolence on business stationery. Think about what kind of letter you’re writing and then pick the paper accordingly. Stay alert. When writing your letter stay focused on what you want to say and what you want to happen once the letter has been read. Take a step back. If while writing your letter you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed with emotion take a step back, take a break. Come back to your letter in a few hours once you’ve cleared your head and read it to make sure it says what you actually wanted it to say. Now that you’ve got a clear head you might notice a few things you’d like to change. Get technical. You’re computer has a spelling and grammar check for a reason. Don’t be afraid to use them. Type up a rough draft of your letter on the computer and use the grammar tools to help...Read More
In today’s age of quick and simple online communications it would certainly seem that way at times. The thought of personalized stationery may seem slow or outdated. The number of people leaving personalized calling cards or brunch invitations being sent on monogrammed, embossed or printed paper seems to be dwindling. Today, websites allow you to coordinate party invitations and responses entirely online and job hunting sites have turned resumes into an online phenomenon. So where does personalized stationery fit in a world driven by the simplicity of online activity? It was not long ago that Emily Post was warning people that a telephone call would not replace the need for a formal thank you note, and still today it is common knowledge that a phone call does not express the same personal feeling that makes receiving stationery special. Today, thank you messages and common correspondences are being expressed via email. This is easy to understand considering the speed and ease in which these messages can be exchanged. However, Miss Manners and personnel recruiters reaffirm Emily Post’s thoughts that nothing makes a great impression like a well written, hand written letter on personalized stationery. There is no denying it; there is something about receiving a letter...Read More
We’ve all come to appreciate the conveniences of modern technology.  In fact, could we live without it?  Emails from colleagues, text messages from friends, and e-party invitations have become commonplace in our everyday lives.  But these high-tech forms of communication simply don’t compare to receiving a hand-written note in the mail.  You know the feeling – after a long day you open your mailbox and there, amongst the bills and junk mail, is something unique and personal. Hand-written notes are far from norm in this modern age, and that’s exactly what makes them so special to send and to receive. Stationery has come a long way in the past 50 years. With endless shapes, styles, designs and customization options, your stationery will do more than contain your personal message. . . it will say something about you and your personal style. Custom stationery is a great format for communicating with friends and colleagues, but its advantages don’t stop there. Stationery and personalized paper products can make meaningful gifts for almost any occasion. They can also simplify and add a little joy to your everyday life. Custom stationery might also be the next sensible step in building your small business.  See...Read More
Once your child’s personalized stationery arrives they can begin to write a note. Topics can include explaining what they have been doing over the past week or month, what they are looking forward to in the upcoming days or weeks, and anything that they want to share from the heart. Direct them to ask questions, as they will learn about the person they are writing from their inquiries. Encourage them to use vivid language. This is a good time to explore more adjectives! Help the child to describe things in detail and expand on their written communication skills. Writing letters also gives them an opportunity to practice good penmanship. Promote clean, legible writing, so that the recipient can easily read the note. In addition, writing is an excellent way to hone spelling skills, as there is no spell check on a handwritten note. Lastly, address and stamp the letter and put it in the mailbox. Now sit back and wait for a response! It is important to remember that your child may not get a response right away, or that they might not get one at all. The goal is not to receive but to give someone else that good...Read More
Technology is nice, but it leaves people increasingly disconnected. Your child can have hundreds of friends on social networking sites like Facebook, but none of them may really know the true person he or she is: the hopes, the fears, the dreams. When you write someone a letter you show that you care. You share your ideas, your innermost thoughts, things that have been going on in your life, and more. It is more intimate than the daily complaining of an email or the quick, abbreviated update via text. Letters and notes develop vocabulary and expressive language. It isn’t uncommon to write better than one speaks. Electronic communication has, unfortunately, become written speech; this means that we write fragments and do not use proper grammar or punctuation. Letter writing is a way to put proper language skills into practice. To help your child rediscover the art of letter writing, first have them select a handful of people that they would like to start a correspondence with. Depending on the age of the child, you may want to help them with this. Encourage them to write to a variety of people, whether it is a friend from camp, a cousin, a...Read More
Have you ever noticed how excellent children are at typing? They knew the proper position for their fingers and they can type quickly. However, it is surprising to see that they can barely write their own names when handed a pencil and paper. It really should not come as a shock, though. Consider the technology available to children today. They live in a time of email, cell phones, internet, and text messages. They receive information and feedback instantly whenever they desire it. Why would they handwrite? This generation is the first that could feasibly leave no written record of itself. Think about the personal emails you send or receive. Do you ever print them out? Neither do the kids. Letter writing should not be a thing in the past! When you delete an email or text message it is gone. A letter can be saved and read later, by you or your great grandchildren. There are countless number of books and great historical insight that has been gained from reading old letters. This is because letters are more reflective. They are personal. Handwritten notes reveal deeper feelings and emotions and are generally thought out. They take longer to write than...Read More
Thank you notes seem to be becoming a thing of the past. We at American Stationery believe that it is not only proper etiquette, but appropriate to write thank you notes for certain things. Thank you notes can be formal or informal, simple or complex, but should always be heartfelt and genuine. Here are just a few of the occasions where thank you notes would be appropriate: Wedding Gifts Baby or Bridal Shower Gifts Gifts and Visits Received While in the Hospital Sympathy Letters or Flowers Gifts Received Through the Mail You can use formal stationery or the preprinted thank you notes from the grocery store. The situation will help decide how formal you should be. For wedding gifts, a formal thank you note should be used, usually one that matches your wedding invitation or theme. Baby shower or bridal shower thank you notes can be informal, although you can typically get thank you notes that match the shower invitations as well. You can substitute personalized stationery instead of an actual note with “Thank You” printed on it, but we would not recommend getting too informal and using a memo sheet or notebook paper. The card should reflect the occasion...Read More
Have you ever wanted to write a letter that will make a difference, but not sure who to write it to? Here are a few ideas for letters that can literally change someone’s life. Write a letter to a soldier. Why not do your patriotic duty and play a part in history? Why not become a pen pal to a military person overseas. A letter from you may be the only mail they get to remind them of home and who knows, you’re letter might be the only thing keeping them going in the dark world they’re in. There are websites you can join like Soldier’s Angels that will set you up with your pen pal. Write a letter to the editor of your local paper. Have you ever read a newspaper article that just really caught your attention? Don’t keep your feelings to yourself anymore. Write a letter expressing how the article made you feel and it could end up in the paper, too. There is some required information though when writing a letter to the editor. You’ll need to include your full name, home address and telephone number for verification purposes. Visit your newspaper’s website to get the...Read More
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