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Ten Tips for Writing the Pefect Letter – Part 1

Have you ever noticed how some people have a gift when it comes to letter writing? You know the type — they never miss a birthday or an important event and always seem to get the point across while making … Continue reading

For Letter Writing

Letter sheets, followed by correspondence sheets and monarch sheets are among the most formal stationery you can use. Sheets may be used blank, or personalized from American Stationery to display your initial or monogram, address, name and address, or a design that fits … Continue reading

Quick Tips for Smart Letter Writing

Here are few tricks to help you write great letters of any kind. From personal to business they’ll be perfect every time. Put thought into the paper. Important business letters shouldn’t be written on just any note card. At the … Continue reading

Is Letter Writing a Lost Art?

In today’s age of quick and simple online communications it would certainly seem that way at times. The thought of personalized stationery may seem slow or outdated. The number of people leaving personalized calling cards or brunch invitations being sent on monogrammed, embossed … Continue reading

Writing – Everyday Use

We’ve all come to appreciate the conveniences of modern technology.  In fact, could we live without it?  Emails from colleagues, text messages from friends, and e-party invitations have become commonplace in our everyday lives.  But these high-tech forms of communication … Continue reading

The Importance of Rediscovering Letter Writing – Part 3

Once your child’s personalized stationery arrives they can begin to write a note. Topics can include explaining what they have been doing over the past week or month, what they are looking forward to in the upcoming days or weeks, … Continue reading

The Importance of Rediscovering Letter Writing – Part 2

Technology is nice, but it leaves people increasingly disconnected. Your child can have hundreds of friends on social networking sites like Facebook, but none of them may really know the true person he or she is: the hopes, the fears, … Continue reading

The Importance of Rediscovering Letter Writing – Part 1

Have you ever noticed how excellent children are at typing? They knew the proper position for their fingers and they can type quickly. However, it is surprising to see that they can barely write their own names when handed a … Continue reading

When and How to Write Thank You Notes

Thank you notes seem to be becoming a thing of the past. We at American Stationery believe that it is not only proper etiquette, but appropriate to write thank you notes for certain things. Thank you notes can be formal … Continue reading

Life Changing Letter Ideas

Have you ever wanted to write a letter that will make a difference, but not sure who to write it to? Here are a few ideas for letters that can literally change someone’s life. Write a letter to a soldier. … Continue reading