Giving Thanks and Giving Back When we think of Thanksgiving parties, most of us think of the feasts, the toasts, the family, and football. Everyone is for these lovely traditions, but why not begin some tasteful, unconventional traditions of your own? Here are some “fresh” takes on giving Thanks this Holiday season: Starting a "Thanksgiving Circle" Here is one special tradition that is especially thoughtful during the Thanksgiving Season. Start by thinking of two people you want to thank for being in your life. Write and send a personal letter explaining just what each of those people mean to you, and include a gift of personalized stationery. Encourage them to continue the circle of love by using a piece of the stationery you have given them to send a similar sentiment to two loved ones of their own. In lieu of, or in addition to, a note of your own, you can include a message like this one: I want to say thank you for always being there; I want you to know just how deeply I care. And now that I have given thanks and now that you know, Please help this circle of love continue to grow. Thanksgiving Recipe Party...Read More
"Sweet" Halloween Gestures Halloween is a fun, lighthearted, and youthful holiday and you will no doubt find plenty of reasons to dress up and indulge during this festive time. But before all the ghosts, goblins, and spooky stories make their appearance, why not get your friends together for a Halloween Get-Together with some serious heart? Think about the many people in your community who will be unable to dress up and trick-or-treat this year (for financial, physical, or other reasons). During this spirited time of year, it can be easy, fun, and rewarding to reach out and make simple, sweet gestures, all while having fun! Here are some suggestions for your very own “Halloween holiday party with heart:” Serve spirited refreshments, play some spooky music, and lay a few tables with goody bags to be stuffed with pre-wrapped candy. You can invite your guests to get into the Halloween spirit while spreading a little love. Invite guests to write encouraging words or happy sentiments on cheerful cards to be included in Halloween goody bags. You can go as a group to deliver the bags to local charities, hospitals or food kitchens. Because this will be both a party and a charitable event,...Read More
End of Summer Celebrations Summer is coming to a close and the kids are heading back to school. This is the perfect time to celebrate the finish of another fantastic season in the sun! While you are at it, why not spread a little sunshine of your own? One wonderful way to welcome the Fall is to help less fortunate families start the school year with a fresh new beginning. Here are some ways to accomplish that goal while celebrating the beginning of the new season: Back to School Backpack Bash What a great way to teach your kids a great lesson before the school year even starts. Host a backpack-stuffing party for less fortunate members of your community. Purchase a few backpacks (depending on how many guests you are inviting) and ask your guests to donate back-to-school supplies to fill them with. You can offer refreshments and play music and let everyone know where the backpacks will be going (local shelters, churches, and schools for homeless students always appreciate these types of donations). Invite guests to write words of encouragement, personalized notes, or “words to live by” on individual note cards to be included in the backpacks. Here is a...Read More
We would like to offer some fun and unconventional ideas for inviting friends and family to seasonal get-togethers that keep in mind the true spirit of the holidays. You will surely be invited to plenty of traditional Holiday parties this season, but why not start a few new traditions of your own? The following are some suggestions, that will continue over the next two weeks, for parties that can help us help others as we celebrate this happy season. And, because we are American Stationery, we also like to offer some elegantly engaging invitation ideas! End of Summer Celebrations "Sweet" Halloween Gestures Giving Thanks and Giving Back "It’s a Wrap" Holiday Party New Year’s Resolutions Celebrations   Read Parts:  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6    
Question: Is it still appropriate to put the dress attire on invitations such as "Business Casual/Holiday Attire." I still see it on black tie events, but have not noticed attire being mentioned on most. Thank you,Debra The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Debra, Thanks for the question. It is definitely appropriate to add the attire wording to the invitation. When I had my store, we put attire wording on many of our invitations. Since this is a holiday party, some of my favorites are: Holiday CasualHoliday AttireFestive Attire I hope your holiday party is a huge success. Ms. Carey Ask your own Everyday Etiquette questions
One of the most recent additions to the American Stationery collection is our Halloween Invitations and Party ware. If you are planning a costume gala or just a get together with friends and family our invitations are sure to make an impression and our party ware is sure to be a hit at your party. Bats, cats, ghosts and pumpkins are things you will see with these new Halloween designs. Invite your guests to a party in the Twilight Zone with our Twilight Zone Invitations. These invitations feature the classic Twilight Zone swirl and all of your even information. If you prefer a more ghoulish invitation maybe our Ghostly Halloween Invitations are just the thing for you. These invitations feature a classic ghost and several flames to give it that spooky Halloween look and feel. If you enjoy the fall more than ghosts and goblins maybe our Batty Halloween Invitations will suit you. These invitations feature a nice vertical stripe pattern of fall colors with just a few bats to give it a touch of Halloween. If you happen to be in a rush to send your party invitations don’t worry. This item is one of our Quick Ship items and will ship...Read More
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