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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for American Stationery

With the amount of information we take in each day, it can be easy to forget things. In one quick motion you’ve lost your keys, your cell phone, forgotten your birthday, and what day it is. We realize how easy … Continue reading

Stationery versus Stationary

Son and sun; knead and need; capitol and capital. All of these are homonyms. If you remember back to grade school, homonyms are words that are spelled differently but sound alike. They are also words that are commonly misused for … Continue reading

Party Attire Glossary

Dressy Casual… what does that mean??? Should you wear your little black dress or slacks and rhinestone encrusted flip flops?!? Ever received an invitation to a party with confusing suggestions on what to wear? Most etiquette books cover traditional dress … Continue reading

The Monogram Phenomenon

Monograms are increasingly becoming a popular and very stylish part of our everyday lives. From bath towels to luggage to…you guessed it…stationery, modern women and men are seeking monograms as a fun and unique way to personalize the goods in … Continue reading

What is an APO or FPO Address?

The idea of getting mail to and from military personnel stationed overseas dates back many years. To establish this activity, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and the Department of Defense (DoD) negotiated an agreement called Overseas Military Mail, which exist … Continue reading

What Your Color Selection Means to You – Part 2

Colors are used by therapists as part of their healing regimes to assist in the shifting process of ones frame of mind, for those who suffer from brain disorders or who are emotionally distressed. For example the color green is … Continue reading

What Your Color Selection Means to You – Part 1

Have you ever wondered why you seem to gravitate to a certain color time and time again? Whether you are selecting an order of personalized stationery or creating a wedding invitation, there are certain colors that seem to be most … Continue reading

Printing Process Glossary

At American Stationery, we’ve been printing quality stationery since 1919, so we understand the terminology and use it freely in our product descriptions and elsewhere in our site and even in this blog. For those of you who aren’t printing … Continue reading

Stationery Glossary

Bevel A beveled edge is the precise angle cut along the edge of the bevel edge cards. Bright-White Paper stock that is crisp, clean and the purest shade of white. Most often used for letterhead and envelopes. Blind Emboss Blind … Continue reading

Introduction to Letter Sheets

Letter sheets are the formal paper in your stationery collection used for longer letters.  There are a few different sizes available. The note sheet measures 6 3/8" x 8 1/2" The standard letter sheet generally measures 6" x 7" The … Continue reading