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What Is Etiquette & Why

Before I begin to answer this question, let me introduce myself.  For the past 5 years I have been the “go to etiquette gal” for American Stationery and The American Wedding.  I decided that it might be helpful to share … Continue reading

Competitive Job Market

Our current job market is tougher than ever. There are so many young, eager and qualified persons out there that are out of work and looking for a job.With such a competitive job market it is an absolute necessity that … Continue reading

Everyday Etiquette – What Name First?

Question: For return address mailing labels, what is the correct etiquette for the order in the first name? Does the husband or the wife’s name come first?e.g. John and Jane Doe  or  Jane and John Doe? Martha The Everyday Etiquette … Continue reading

Everyday Etiquette – Party Attire Wording

Question: Is it still appropriate to put the dress attire on invitations such as "Business Casual/Holiday Attire." I still see it on black tie events, but have not noticed attire being mentioned on most. Thank you,Debra The Everyday Etiquette Answer: … Continue reading

Everyday Etiquette – Modern Hostess Gifts

Question: I have been invited to a costume party that is by invitation only. It is being hosted by a very affluent acquaintance. I am much honored to have been invited. Should I bring a gift, or thank you trinket? … Continue reading

Everyday Etiquette – Married Monograms

Question: Is there a monogram for note cards that could be used by both husband and wife  ie, just S or RSS for Ryan and Susan or can a three letter monogram be just used by one or the other? … Continue reading

Everyday Etiquette – Family Christmas Newsletters

Question: As the holidays approach, what is your opinion of the Christmas family newsletter? Should you send one & what should be in it? I struggle with this each year. Thank you,Elaine The Everyday Etiquette Answer: Elaine, I also struggle … Continue reading