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The Importance of the Business Card

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been at a conference, reception, or a networking event of some sort, and someone has asked me, “I’d love to stay in touch, do you have a business card?” or “We have … Continue reading

The Importance of the Calling Card

Sometimes we forget the importance that still comes with carrying a business card or as sometimes referred a calling card. With the way technology has practically taken over our lives it’s easy to meet someone, hit it off and just … Continue reading

The History of the Calling Card

A society woman’s calling card “follows her everywhere she goes, remains when she is gone, and is the recognized representative in the payment of social debts when personal attention is impossible.” Gentlemen and children also dropped visiting cards along with these “ladies of … Continue reading

Creating and Maintaining Your Network

Networking can seem insincere, pretentious, or even manipulative. There will always be people who judge others based on image and titles, but there are also people who want to build genuine, mutually beneficial relationships. When you’re networking, you’re going to have … Continue reading

Mom’s Calling Cards

Moms are known for multitasking and this is one more way you can do that! You will never have to search in your purse for a pen and paper again. Personalized calling cards make the life of a busy mom … Continue reading

Business Calling Cards

Business cards were invented in the 1980s, the decade that the corporate world seemed to bring us everything. Sorry to tell you, but you’d be wrong. Business cards have been in use for many, many centuries. Experts tend to agree … Continue reading

Correspondence Cards and Calling Cards

Single-panel correspondence cards are the ultimate in versatile stationery. They can be used for informal notes, thank you cards, invitations and so much more. When you give the gift of personalized correspondence cards, you give the gift of style. Here … Continue reading

Professional Calling Cards

In the professional world, exchanging business cards is as common as shaking hands. You would never let a new contact or potential client walk away without first trading contact information. In this age of networking and multitasking, why should your … Continue reading

Calling Cards

As school begins, it signals introductions to many new faces in your child’s life. From new teachers, coaches, friends, and those friends’ parents, you can be sure that there will be many new faces for both you and your child … Continue reading

Business Cards – Mindy’s Minutes

Have you ever found yourself digging into your purse to find a pen and some paper to write down your phone number for someone? Or have you experienced the awkward business card exchange when you don’t have one to offer? … Continue reading