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Unique Favor Bags for Kid’s Birthday Parties

Your son or daughter’s birthday is just around the corner again. You want this year to be even more fun and special than it was last year. Maybe this year you have decided to let your child have a party … Continue reading

A Timeline for Planning a Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for your child can be somewhat overwhelming. Getting a cake with some balloons is a relatively basic concept. However, what about customized napkins, plates, and tableware? What type of games should you have? Does it matter … Continue reading

Birthday Parties – Part 3

Kids Party Food Food is always a tough thing with kids. Is someone allergic to peanuts, do the parents let them eat pizza, will they be hungry? It’s always tough. There are some simple food plates that you can prepare … Continue reading

Birthday Parties – Part 2

Birthday Party Timeline Brainstorming In planning your birthday party, you need more time than you think.  Unless you plan to go out and purchase everything out of a box and give it to someone else to organize, planning a birthday … Continue reading

Birthday Parties – Part 1

Creating an atmosphere for a birthday party no matter what kind of birthday party it is; is very important. Do you remember being a kid and walking into a place that seemed magical? It may have only been that your … Continue reading

Birthday Invitations – Sweet Sixteen

Everybody likes to have an unforgettable birthday. With the popularity of the television show My Super Sweet Sixteen, the popularity of extreme, elegant parties have rose right along with it. Since not everyone can afford those elaborate birthday bashes like … Continue reading

Birthday Invitations – Kids Birthday

Children grow up so quickly! It seems with each birthday comes a host of victories that they’ve accomplished over the year. Our kids’ birthdays beckon a celebration, and no party is complete without the right birthday invitation. Not only does it … Continue reading

Birthday Invitations – First Birthday

One of the most important birthdays of a person’s life is the first birthday. Though we would have a hard time remembering the day for ourselves, it is still one of the biggest birthdays we will celebrate. It is a … Continue reading

Birthday Invitations – Intro

Birthday parties are a celebration of life and mark a milestone in every person’s life. Whether it is that all important first birthday that recounts the year full of first steps, words, and experiences, or the fortieth birthday that is … Continue reading

Milestone Stationery – Coming of Age – Sweet Sixteen

The notion of coming of age can take on a variety of meanings. Coming of age could be the transition from being young and childlike to becoming older, wiser, and developmentally more mature. A few familiar representations of this would … Continue reading