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Top Tips in Stationery Etiquette

When it comes to the dos and don’ts of using stationery, there are several key tips to keep in mind.  To ensure your letters, thank you cards, and invitations follow the rules, we present the top tips in stationery etiquette. … Continue reading

So You’re Moving

One of the most stressful life events that we all go through is moving. Yes, often times the reason for the move is a happy thing. Say a new job, child or maybe even retirement! But, the fact remains that … Continue reading

Creative Uses for Labels

We here at American Stationery can certainly say that one of our most popular items are our address labels. They are ideal stocking stuffers, a perfect gift for the newly married couple, the first choice for a housewarming present and … Continue reading

Benefits of Using Customized Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are extremely important to any company that ships merchandise to customers. Without a proper shipping label, your packages might not arrive at their destinations or find their way back to you if something goes wrong with the delivery. … Continue reading

Personalized Return Address Labels

With personalized return address labels, you are ready for any situation or occasion. Be it party invitations or bills, getting your items in the mail is a little easier and lot more fun with personal return labels from American Stationery. … Continue reading

Printed Envelopes or Personalized Return Address Labels

We sell all kinds of stationery styles, with and without printed envelopes. We also carry return address labels. These handy little items are extremely convenient and a lot easier than writing your name and address all the time. Sometimes it … Continue reading

Everyday Etiquette – What Name First?

Question: For return address mailing labels, what is the correct etiquette for the order in the first name? Does the husband or the wife’s name come first?e.g. John and Jane Doe  or  Jane and John Doe? Martha The Everyday Etiquette … Continue reading

Gifts Under $30

Gifts Under $30 If you are looking for a personal gift but are on a budget you, then have come to the right place. American Stationery offers several products that are perfect for gift giving and still allow you to stay under budget. … Continue reading