Calling Cards

As school begins, it signals introductions to many new faces in your child’s life. From new teachers, coaches, friends, and those friends’ parents, you can be sure that there will be many new faces for both you and your child to get familiar with. In the business world, we meet and greet, and exchange business cards. It can be as simple for us, as parents! American Stationery offers calling cards in a variety of colors and patterns, from the simple to the stately, from contemporary to fantasy, from sophisticated to fun. They are complete with your name and contact information. They make the job of remembering your name and which child belongs to you so much easier for the people you come in contact with. Hand them to a teacher at the parent-teacher conference; offer one to the band director. They will make having your contact information that much more accessible to the parents of your child’s new friend, and they will save you time when you want to leave a phone number where you can be reached with the soccer coach. Everyone likes to save time and everyone appreciates it when you save them time. Calling cards are a great choice for parents on the go!

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