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Have you ever found yourself digging into your purse to find a pen and some paper to write down your phone number for someone? Or have you experienced the awkward business card exchange when you don’t have one to offer? I think that the Initial Business Cards that American Stationery sells are ideal for everyone—whether you have a job or not. Presenting a professional yet unique card with your contact information on it makes a terrific and lasting impression on the recipient. My kids’ teachers meet dozens of parents during Open House, but they’ll have an easier time connecting me to my child and remembering me when I contact them the next time when they have my card. If you’re out looking for a job, having a business card to leave with the manager or your potential new boss communicates that you’re well prepared and serious about working for them. These Initial Business Cards are so affordable that they’d even be ideal for my daughter to give to a neighbor with young children interested in hiring her for babysitting jobs! There’s a numerous variety of purposes for business cards—and you won’t have to write your name and number on the back of a receipt ever again.

-Your Fellow American Stationery Customer, Mindy Mac

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