Bachelorette Party Ideas – Part 2

Plan a day at a local day spa, or even better, at one that requires a whole weekend full of opportunities to pamper all the ladies in the wedding party. Massages, facials, mud baths, seaweed wraps, manicures, pedicures… Any of these will allow plenty of time for the girls to share thoughts and laughs together. Or, have everyone go out for the evening and share a nice dinner accompanied with lots of reminiscing and storytelling. Let them eat cake, and dinner, and appetizers to their hearts content. Make reservations at the bride’s favorite restaurant or even consider hosting a wine tasting party! Go out dancing at your favorite club. Whether it’s Rap, Country Western or Disco fever, this will be sure to keep the party lively all night long. Plan ahead and arrange to go to an amusement or water park. Who said you had to act like grownups just because someone is getting married? Be active.. If the gals in your group are athletic, you’ve got many fun choices that center around sports. A round of golf, a long bike ride, or yoga classes are all possibilities. Follow these up with replenishing food and beverages when they’re over. If the bride is a lover of the outdoors you may want to plan an adventure that involves a picnic at her favorite spot, a trip to the beach, a hike up her favorite mountain trail, or a jog through the city park. Anywhere that she will be comfortable and have fun is a sure recipe for success.

In parting, here are some final thoughts you may want to consider for the Bride to be. If the party is not going to be a surprise, consult with the bride when you assemble the guest list. Be sure that you send the bachelorette party invitations early enough that everyone can get the date(s) added to their calendars. Plan this event while taking into consideration the budget of all those who will be participating. Since not everyone will have the same amount of available cash to indulge, you want to be sure to plan around the money available. Remember that this should be fun, not something you will be stressed or worried about. Whatever you decide, the bride will be excited to be with her bridal party and honored by her closest girlfriends. You should make arrangements for a paid driver if your party will be involving alcoholic beverages. Be sure it is a priority to make sure all the celebrants make it home safe and sound!  If safe transportation isn’t available consider getting hotel rooms for the group to crash in when the evening is over. When you all wake up together and start reliving your time, it is sure to create an everlasting memory for the bride to be. Whatever party works for you, as long as it is planned with love and care it is bound to be something the bride will never forget it!

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