Anniversary Party Invitations – Intro

The wedding day is a very special day in which two lives became one before all of the couple’s closest family and friends. It is understandable why we celebrate the beginning of the marriage. It is a time when we rejoice in the commitment that is being made and commemorate a new beginning for the couple, as husband and wife. Each year, the anniversary celebrates the continuation of that same love for one another.

Each and every wedding anniversary deserves to be celebrated in a memorable way. When you celebrate a wedding anniversary each year it is an annual renewal of the love and commitment to one another. It is an opportunity to reflect on how much closer the two have become and how much deeper your relationship has grown.

Celebrating the anniversary dates back to the 1200s, but the tradition was polished and refined in the Victorian era. Today, with more than half of marriages ending in divorce, it is even more important to celebrate the wedding anniversary. A wedding anniversary commemorates a milestone in a lifelong commitment. Etiquette states that there are specific gifts to be given in correlation with the year of the anniversary. Below is a list of the traditional and modem gifts: 

Anniversary Traditional Gift Modern Gift
First Paper Clocks
Second Cotton China
Third Leather Crystal, Glass
Fourth Linen Appliances
Fifth Wood Silverware
Sixth Iron Wood
Seventh Wool Desk Sets
Eighth Bronze Linens
Ninth Pottery Leather
Tenth Tin Diamond
Fifteenth Crystal Watches
Twentieth China Platinum
Twenty-fifth Silver Sterling Silver
Thirtieth Pearl Diamond
Thirty-fifth Coral Jade
Fortieth Ruby Ruby
Fiftieth Gold Gold
Sixtieth Diamond  Diamond

Wedding anniversary parties are a way to commemorate the occasion and celebrate with the family and friends that have been there for your journey as a couple. Whether casual and fun or sophisticated and elegant, from first anniversaries to fiftieth, a party is a fine way to mark the special day. The significance of the anniversary party is understood by all the guests, and that is why the invitations should be as distinctive as possible. Wedding anniversary invitations do so much more than give your guests the date, location, and time for your party. They convey the theme of the party as well as provide a great memento for the couple or others that wish to preserve record of the festivities. Set the perfect tone for your wedding anniversary party by selecting the perfect invitation to send to your guests!

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