Release Your Social Butterfly Decorative stationery for social use really lets you express your personality more than what is generally acceptable to display in business, and to make a variety of statements to suit your every mood. You can choose from funky, contemporary, classic, and humorous designs with personalization of your choosing. You can find affordable, quality-made personalized stationery in such a wide assortment that you never have to use the same stationery twice for different occasions unless you choose to do so. Each style or design makes a statement of its own and choosing one over another is simply a matter of the message you wish to send at the time. Can decorative paper, which is what stationery essentially is, make a statement for you? Do the personalized designs you have chosen for your stationery really “speak” to others or do they only speak to you? Personalized stationery can make any number of statements. Because personalized stationery makes a statement whether intentional or unintentional, it is wise to think about what statement or statements you hope to send others. The words you write on your stationery are not the only “conveyors” of your message. Define Your Identity To the...Read More
Personalized stationery is great because it allows you to express yourself in words and to make a variety of unspoken statements at the same time. Custom imprinted stationery is a convenient and affordable mode of interpersonal communications. There are a variety of professional, social and everyday events that call for the use of stationery. Add your individual sentiments to these occasions by choosing personalized stationery over preprinted retail store cards. Your personal sentiments will be the main attraction in what you are communicating. Personalized stationery makes a statement from the overall visual image it provides. Whether for business or private purposes, the type and style of personalization you choose makes a statement about your own identity. Project Your Business Image For personalized business stationery, stick with a crisp, smart-looking design to make a solid statement about your high level of professionalism to those who receive business letters and other paper communications from you. Some stationery suppliers also provide an electronic template matching your personalized business stationery, so you can send messages to business contacts through the internet while maintaining your branding image. This can be far better than the ordinary and boring design of typical email messages. Smart business professionals...Read More
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