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Importance of the Blank Note Card – Part 2

Spur of the moment situations Invitations aren’t just for dinner parties and formal events. Impress your friends by sending invitations to everyday events. You never know, a hand written invitation might encourage them to come, which will encourage you to … Continue reading

Importance of the Blank Note Card – Part 1

Everyone should have at least one set of blank note cards. A blank note card is perfect for a variety of uses. Having a set of blank notes in your stationery collection will keep you prepared for any occasion. Here … Continue reading

Themes for a Memorable Halloween Party

You are planning the annual Halloween party this year and looking for something new to impress your guests. Whether you are looking for a scary snack, a delicious drink or goulish games, we have scoured the web to find the … Continue reading

How to Write a Congratulations Note

Engagements, births and promotions are always deserving of a “Congratulations!” But how about those other joyous occasions and achievements which often go unrecognized like big wins at work, kids success at school, etc? Sending notes of congratulations on beautiful personalized … Continue reading

Wedding Gifts

While June is notoriously the favorite month to get married in, fall months such as September and October are not too far behind. These months offer warm weather without much risk of being hot. The pretty outdoor scenery also offers … Continue reading


Summer is coming to an end, and we’re putting the swimsuits in the back of our closets and digging out our second most favorite attire: Football jerseys! Time to dust off the old team sweatshirts, party beads, face tattoos, cheerleader … Continue reading

Harvest Party Planner

With school back in full swing for most of us and soccer practice starting any day now, we can’t help but, realize autumn is on its way! Autumn or fall whichever you choose to call it is a favorite season … Continue reading

Benefits of Using Customized Shipping Labels

Shipping labels are extremely important to any company that ships merchandise to customers. Without a proper shipping label, your packages might not arrive at their destinations or find their way back to you if something goes wrong with the delivery. … Continue reading

The Importance of Good Correspondence – Tone in Writing

Your language and behavior is different while being at work in a professional manner rather than hanging out in the back yard with friends, or at least we hope it is. Part of that difference is in the language, a … Continue reading

Personalized Stationery Suggestions for Condolence Letters

Your most elegant personalized stationery is more than appropriate to send condolences with. No matter what you choose to send, you will want to use simple stationery that does not distract from your sentiments. Have plenty of simple, elegant stationery … Continue reading