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Stationery versus Stationary

Son and sun; knead and need; capitol and capital. All of these are homonyms. If you remember back to grade school, homonyms are words that are spelled differently but sound alike. They are also words that are commonly misused for … Continue reading

Back to School

Back to school time is quickly approaching. With some schools set to start in just over two weeks. Soon, many of us will be packing lunches, helping with homework and wondering why we signed up to help with all those … Continue reading

Keeping the Date with Calendars

In this high paced world we live in keeping up with appointments and important dates can seem harder than ever. And it seems that each weekend is met with another festival or birthday party. It’s no wonder that people become … Continue reading

Thank You Note Cards

Typically, thank you cards are just that, a folded note card or other stationery item with “Thank You” printed on the front. Although, often you can simply write thank you cards from your existing stationery stash if the names are … Continue reading

Personalized Stationery Suggestions for Friendly Letters

Always be prepared with a stash of stationery with which to send friendly letters whenever the occasion arises! The birth of a child, an anniversary, graduation and a birthday are only a few of the holidays that would be brightened … Continue reading

Personalized Napkins – The Perfect Table Accessory

American Stationery offers much more than just stationery. One of the many items we offer are personalized napkins. From 10″ x 10″ beverage napkins to 12″ x 17″ guest towels, American stationery has you covered. Many designs are offered for … Continue reading

Stationery for Busy Moms

You always hear in the fashion and blog world people discussing the “mom on the go” this phrase is used to describe a clothing style and personal image. Moms on the go are chic, put together, and in control. Moms … Continue reading

Summer Camp Writing

With summer upon us, many of us have just finished up with the school year. The last lunch money has been sent in, the teacher gifts delivered, and the report cards have been received. A lot of children will soon … Continue reading

Gender Reveal Party

Lately folks seem to find almost any excuse to have a party. For some couples a traditional baby shower isn’t enough party. One of the most popular new party ideas for the expecting couple is that of the gender reveal … Continue reading

The Importance of Stationery

Keeping in touch is as easier as ever these days. Most of us walk around with a mini computer in our pockets every day. It can text, video chat, and send email. But, think about it, are you really communicating? … Continue reading