Here are few tricks to help you write great letters of any kind. From personal to business they’ll be perfect every time. Put thought into the paper. Important business letters shouldn’t be written on just any note card. At the same time you probably shouldn’t write a letter of condolence on business stationery. Think about what kind of letter you’re writing and then pick the paper accordingly. Stay alert. When writing your letter stay focused on what you want to say and what you want to happen once the letter has been read. Take a step back. If while writing your letter you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed with emotion take a step back, take a break. Come back to your letter in a few hours once you’ve cleared your head and read it to make sure it says what you actually wanted it to say. Now that you’ve got a clear head you might notice a few things you’d like to change. Get technical. You’re computer has a spelling and grammar check for a reason. Don’t be afraid to use them. Type up a rough draft of your letter on the computer and use the grammar tools to help...Read More
American Stationery may be best known for their stylish and affordable stationery options however, there are quite a few other products that we sell. One of those products are luggage tags. Personalized luggage tags are a luxury that virtually anyone can afford.  They come in handy, as luggage tags are the number one thing that people realize they forgot when they arrive at the airport. They also make terrific gifts, especially for your favorite jet setting friend. Luggage tags are so important when traveling. Not only do they help you in identifying your luggage but, personalized ones aid in getting lost luggage back to you. Many articles suggest that you should use two luggage tags per piece of luggage. One on the outside of the bag and one placed inside the bag on top of your belongings. Whatever you choose, it’s always a good idea to be a bit overly prepared and have your luggage stand out than have them blend in with everyone else’s. Need help deciding what items you should use them on? That’s easy all of them! You will want to place tags on pretty much everything. Both checked and carry-on bags. As it is possible that...Read More
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