Did you know that American Stationery sells recipe cards? We offer item 9158 which is a hot pink box full of 105 recipe cards that feature a flourish design in a combination of pink, green, and orange. Dividers are also included so you can keep your poultry separate from your pie. $28.95 is a small price to pay for all the organization this little box offers. Now you will no longer have to worry about losing all of those heirloom recipes you have jotted down on random scraps of paper. Just sit down at the table, pour a cup of tea and begin transferring them over. The pretty pink box adds a pop of color on your kitchen counter. It’s also small and will fit easily on any counter space without taking up much room. Do you have a pinterest account?  There are so many of us out there who have several recipes pinned that we are just dying to make but we never write the recipe down. So why not purchase a box to keep at your desk so the next time you see that delicious recipe come across your screen you will jot down the particulars. This will...Read More
Postcards have been around for well over a century and have had uses other than purely correspondence. Originally many were used as a form of advertisement. From there the idea took off and tourist attractions began printing them up with local attractions printed on the back. By far one of the most popular items that we sell here at American Stationery are our postcards. This item is a favorite among both young and old alike. The item PST is a huge hit and has been for many many years. These sturdy and attractive cards feature a simple single colored bold border and your information printed at the top. The border colors are available in your choice of red, blue and green. But, the ink color selections are virtually limitless. The cards offer the perfect amount of writing room for a quick note. They are the perfect choice for writing quick notes to friends who live near and far. They are also a great option for sending out reminders to fellow P. T. O. Members. And don’t forget to pick up a box for the kids before they head out to summer camp. The small area and pre-written address adds a...Read More
This time of year everyone is just itching for sunshine. For much of the states, it seems as though this winter weather just will not go away. So the idea of throwing a spring fling or welcome spring party may be just the thing to get you moving. Not only will it be fun to plan one of the first social engagements of the year, but your guests will be excited to get out of the house and visit!  Make sure to wow them once they get there. The first thing to look into is indoors or outdoors? Here in Indiana the weather can be fickle to say the least, so unless you have a beautiful covered area such as a patio or deck. Inside may be best for spring. In other places though, spring is the perfect time to enjoy sitting beside your garden. This time of the year offers the perfect temperature before the blazes of summer start. Then it’s time to think about the invitations. After all the invite is the first thing your guests see. This gives them a clue as to just what type of affair this will be. We offer the Sweet Bouquet invitation which showcases...Read More
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