My 15 year old daughter has a definite sense of style and very strong opinions. She knows what she likes and what she does NOT like. Thankfully, texting has not completely replaced her desire to write stuff down. I still find little notes all over the place. American Stationery carries several products that appeal to my teenager and her girlfriends: the Rainbow Memo Set is a huge hit! This colorful assortment of various sized and personalized sheets covers every situation. The Signature Color Notes are ideal for thank you notes or letters home from camp. I’ve also discovered that these girls like to have their own address labels—they use them in all sorts of creative ways in addition to their intended use. The girls can stick a label on just about anything to indicate it’s their personal property. Cell phones and computers can’t completely replace all beneficial forms of communication!  
So, you’ve been invited to a party and you know, because you are such a classy and chic lady that bringing a gift to the hostess is the proper thing to do. But, what should you bring? A bottle of wine is always a great choice however; many others may bring a bottle as well. What about a nice house plant? Always a terrific choice as well again though it is often done. However, stationery is a timeless and unfortunately not often thought of gift for your party throwing pal. Many people love to take the time to send a note to a friend and when they already have stylish important stationery at their fingertips they are more likely to do so. Chances are your host will have a few people to thank for their efforts in the party throwing process. Maybe she will need to thank her always thinking sister who remembered to bring ice at the last minute for the cocktails. Also, her best friend deserves some praise for lending out her favorite candleholders. Or even the caterer who went above and beyond to exceed her expectations. No worries on whether or not your friend will need the...Read More
Your bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah party is a significant occasion for which family and friends should gather to mark the rite of passage of your son or daughter. The invitation is the first way in which you can share this joy with others and announce your son or daughter’s growth in faith and responsibility and invite friends and family to share in the festivities. The invitation can also serve as a keepsake for albums and scrapbooks to recall the event for years to come. Choosing the right invitation is easy with the American Stationery Company. The American Stationery Company offers several invitations to choose from for your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah. Each of them features the stately blue and white color scheme, the perfect look to celebrate your Jewish heritage and Star of David. For a more modern look, consider our Light Blue Bordered Bat Mitzvah invitation. The lovely blue waves and light blue and white border frame your invitation wording nicely. The Black Border Bar Mitzvah invitations are a fresh looking invitation for your Bar Mitzvah party. With a handsome black stripe down the left side and contemporary blue triangular design set behind your customized wording, this is a...Read More
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