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Needing Some Time To Yourself?

Have you found that your life is busier than ever? In our society, our lives are packed with a variety of activities to keep us going nonstop from dawn to dusk. Our days frequently become filled with routine habits, tasks, … Continue reading

Thank You Note Example

Here is an example of an entire thank you note for your reference: Dear Aunt Katrina, Thank you so much for letting me stay with you during my visit to New York.  Seeing the city was such a wonderful experience … Continue reading

Thank You Note Don’ts

We’ve given you a guide for writing the perfect thank you note, now here are a few tips on what not to do when writing a thank you note. Don’t send a thank you email.  This is really too impersonal.  … Continue reading

A General Guide for the Perfect Thank You

Everyone Enjoys getting gifts, right?  The person giving the gift needs to know how much you enjoyed it.  An easy way to let them know this is by writing a thank you note.  Here are a few general tips to … Continue reading

Girls Night Out

Did you have a crazy week? Call the girls and kick up your feet! Every woman needs some girlfriends to hang out with and unwind from a busy week. These girls can be mothers, sisters, aunts, friends or co-workers. You … Continue reading

Baby Shower Invitations – Suggestions

One of the most important things in life is becoming a parent. The trials of parenthood can be troublesome at times but the enjoyment outweighs the troubles. Soon to be parents have a long to do list from getting the … Continue reading

Baby Shower Invitations – Intro

Baby showers are a fantastic way to announce a pregnancy, celebrate the parents to be, and commemorate the pending arrival of that precious bundle of joy! Though traditionally thrown for the mom and baby, it is becoming more common to … Continue reading

What is Etiquette?

Etiquette is a word that simply describes set of rules that tells us what society thinks is acceptable behavior. Following these rules may lead to longer, more comfortable relationships with others. When we understand what others expect of us we … Continue reading

Gift Enclosure Cards

What is a gift enclosure card and why do you need them? These versatile cards are not very big… less than 3×4 inches; but they make a huge impact when they accompany your gift. I like to use these cards … Continue reading

Tips for Writing a Professional Thank You Note

Here are a few tips to help you write the perfect professional thank you note. Write it ASAP It’s never too early to thank someone for his or her professional help, or for loyal and continued business.  If you are … Continue reading