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Bar / Bat Mitzvah Invitations – Intro

Under Jewish law, children are exempt from obeying the commandments of the law until they are old enough to understand and apply it. For girls, this occurs at age twelve, and for boys this happens at age thirteen. At that … Continue reading

Top Ten Tips for Letter Writing

“If I’d had more time, I’d have written you a shorter letter” – Mark Twain Mark Twain effectively and famously summed up the importance of devoting care, thought, and time in order to communicate succinctly and efficiently. In this era … Continue reading

Your Parents Anniversary

While most kids aren’t typically involved in their parents’ anniversaries, there are some exceptions. These usually include the bigger anniversaries, such as the 25th and 50th. Everyone’s parents are different, so you should take your parents’ personalities into consideration when … Continue reading

Writing a Complaint Letter

All human beings make mistakes, feel unhappy, dislike certain things, and have issues with certain actions or individuals. Thus, at times we complain regarding certain things, instances or individuals, and this has given rise to the concept of complaint letters. … Continue reading

Planning Your New Years’ Event – Part 2

Kids love celebrating New Year’s Eve too, but bedtimes often mean they miss out on the fun! This New Year’s celebration won’t be held at midnight though, but in the afternoon! The kids get to celebrate and you and your … Continue reading

Planning Your New Years’ Event – Part 1

In general New Years Eve party planning is not a difficult process. There are a number of standard elements which are common in any type of party such as invitations, location, food, beverages and entertainment which should be considered but … Continue reading

How to Give a Gift

While the holidays are supposed to be about giving, admit it, we’ve all experienced some disappointment after receiving a dull gift. Maybe you’ve even been on the opposite end. Perhaps you felt ashamed after giving someone a lousy gift because you … Continue reading

Holiday Work Party Ideas

Throwing a holiday work party is not as easy as it used to be. In an era of political correctness and workplace diversity you have to be a little more careful. Don’t worry; the party can still be fun and … Continue reading

Holiday Letter Writing

It’s the holiday season, and for most people, that means sending out cards to friends and relatives. If you have the time, it’s customary to jot a little note in each card. With lots of kids, we’re lucky if we … Continue reading

The History of New Years’ Celebration

January 1 represents the fresh start of a new year after a period of remembrance of the passing year, including on radio, television and in newspapers, which starts in early December in countries around the world. Publications have year-end articles … Continue reading