Although Christmas is almost everyone’s favorite holiday, with the increasing financial difficulties we face in this economy, it’s getting harder and harder not to turn into a total Scrooge… It may sound crazy to even think of Christmas before November, but now is the time to start your shopping to avoid the last minute chaos and truly enjoy the holidays with your family, the way it should be. We are less than one hundred days until Christmas and you may need help getting started. I would prefer to be sitting back with presents under the tree, sipping eggnog while my friends and family scramble to meet the holiday deadline. Christmas is a holiday that should be all about family, friends, and loved ones, there are a few simple solutions to making this holiday a little less stressful financially. Christmas causes many to feel joy about the meaning of the holiday, gathering with family and exchanging gifts. Christmas shopping has become a national pastime for many, as lists are formed, sales sought and crowds expected. When money is tight, the holidays invoke more stress than fun, and the fear of adding to an already overburdened credit card makes some people dread the season. You...Read More
The Christmas season is a special occasion of the year, a special time to remember the people who mean a lot to you, like your loved ones, your acquaintances, your co-workers, and your customers. You may be thinking it is too early to worry about the annual Christmas cards just yet but you would be wrong. For Christmas card suppliers, the season begins in August each year. Businesses and individuals make their design selections and have custom imprinted and personalized cards all ordered and ready to be addressed even before the trees start to change colors. Winterberry Wreath Holiday Cards A winterberry wreath decorates a street lamp on these traditional holiday cards. These cards are blank on the inside. Three Frosted Trees Holiday Cards The lush beauty of a snow-covered landscape silhouetted by the moon makes this holiday card a lovely choice for sending your holiday wishes. Just after Halloween you will begin to see boxed cards in stores. These cards normally include preprinted messages and envelopes but today cards that are unique and one-of-a-kind are those most popular. For these you are faced with making those all by yourself, which can be quite time consuming and costly or you, can find...Read More
As a child I can remember tearing through the pages of a big toy catalogue. I recall wanting all sorts of things and circling the items with an ink pen. I know my son wants everything he sees on a commercial or in a store. At a big box store or the mall we are constantly bombarded with opportunities and impulses to buy without much thought. Kids love being involved. This year, in addition to baking and decorating with your kids, make shopping part of the family routine. Take this as an opportunity to talk about money management it is good practice for kids to use math skills and decision-making skills. Kids’ Critter Labels Kids will love these whimsical, vividly colored sticker sets personalized just for them! Set #1: Pink Lamb, Yellow Kitten, and Orange Ladybug Set #2: Purple Worm, Green Frog, and Blue Caterpillar Sets available in 100, 200, 300, 400 labels Coordinates with our Critter Notes Children should learn that it’s truly the thought that counts and remember that you are the one whom is supposed teach them about money and making good decisions. While you want to teach money management, you don’t want to focus too much on...Read More
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