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Making Christmas Cards Personal

Personally, I’m a firm believer in the magic of Christmas cards. Sending holiday greetings to friends and family that you may not otherwise talk to is what this season is all about. As much as I love Christmas cards, Maybe … Continue reading

History of Christmas – Part 2

The traditional colors of Christmas are green and red. White, silver and gold are also popular. Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus, which was shed in his crucifixion, while green symbolizes eternal life, and in particular the evergreen tree, which does not lose its leaves in the winter. … Continue reading

History of Christmas – Part 1

It would be easy enough to imagine Christmas as a simple continuum of tradition dating from the birth of Christ. You’d begin with the nativity story, apply the December 25th date to Jesus’ birth, establish the gift-giving precedent of the magi … Continue reading

Holiday Greeting Card Guidlines

It is often difficult to navigate thru the many customs and traditions of greeting card etiquette, especially in today’s changing society. Here are a few guidelines to help you find your way. Signing Greeting Cards Traditionally, when signing a card from you … Continue reading

Having a Party

Do you want your party to be fun, exciting and full of great people? Where are you going to have a party? Will it be a big event or a little get together? Will it be for an occasion? Decide … Continue reading

Holiday Greeting Cards

You may say, and I’m sure you would be right, that stores are trotting out their Christmas sales and decorations earlier every year. To me, that seems more nagging than festive. Why am I seeing Christmas decorations everywhere before we’ve even … Continue reading

Personalized Kids’ Party Supplies

The only thing cooler for a kid than having a party, is having a party that is personalized with her name and other important information. This guide will help you order personalized kids’ party supplies for that special event. Bugs Galore Invitations … Continue reading

Holiday Photo Cards

I still get a small thrill from walking to my mailbox hoping to discover piles of red, green and sparkly envelopes waiting for me. Some say that the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by sending Christmas cards. Out-of-the-ordinary … Continue reading

Personalized Christmas Gifts – Part 2

Grandparents For holidays like Christmas, finding the right gift for each family member can get quite stressful. You want to find something that they will really love or actually put to good use. For your grandparents, take into account their … Continue reading

Personalized Christmas Gifts – Part 1

Giving Christmas gifts that have a personal touch about them not only makes the recipient feel important but also special. Christmas is that special time when we look forward to having a great time with friends and family, eating mouth … Continue reading