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Seasonal Gift Shopping – Acquaintances and Coworkers

If you work in an office you know how annoying it is when someone keeps running through all of the stationery and desk accessories. I suggest getting some basic office supplies and a few other things that are often used … Continue reading

Seasonal Gift Shopping – Ways to Save

Website merchants provide rebates on various products. So, always remain in touch, look for online rebates offered by retailers and save big. See if free shipping is provided. Online website merchants provide free shipping offers and comfort of getting the … Continue reading

Seasonal Gift Shopping – Setting a Budget

Christmas is coming, fast. It’s time to panic. After all, you don’t want to relive last Christmas Eve. There you were, at ten to five in the evening, standing in a large department store, with two gifts still to buy … Continue reading

How to Have a Dinner Party – Part 2

A timetable will help you plan a dinner party to perfection. You can adapt it to your own schedule, recipes and parties by working backward from serving time. Choose your eating time, then subtract the time each recipe takes to … Continue reading

How to Have a Dinner Party – Part 1

Sharing your space, putting in effort and honoring your people with food are not only fun, but important. Breaking bread with friends, family and neighbors is the quintessential way to reconnect. But we also realize it can be a lot … Continue reading

The Impact of a Thank You Note

People like being appreciated, and if they feel you actually notice the nice things they do for you, they’re more likely to give an encore performance. Gratitude is a virtue every person should cultivate. Yet gratitude means nothing if you haven’t mastered … Continue reading

Understanding and Building up Your Stationery

It’s true that some of us are driven to excess in certain areas of our lives.  We have more social network friends than we could ever keep up with.  We subscribe to more magazines than our children will allow us … Continue reading

Creating and Maintaining Your Network

Networking can seem insincere, pretentious, or even manipulative. There will always be people who judge others based on image and titles, but there are also people who want to build genuine, mutually beneficial relationships. When you’re networking, you’re going to have … Continue reading

Gift Basket Giving

Just because a gift basket is called a gift ‘basket’ does not mean you are confined to using only a basket. We give them, get them, and we love them it should be that simple. I’m not sure if it’s the basket … Continue reading

Birthday Parties – Part 3

Kids Party Food Food is always a tough thing with kids. Is someone allergic to peanuts, do the parents let them eat pizza, will they be hungry? It’s always tough. There are some simple food plates that you can prepare … Continue reading